How to activate or register for internet banking in SBI

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State Bank of India allows you to do transactions online using internet banking facility of SBI. But if you wish to use this option then you follow SBI net banking online registration procedure. As a result you use State Bank of India online account also. So to help you here you read this article on how to use SBI personal banking or SBI net banking facility. You also learn steps to register for SBI online banking.

How to activate SBI net banking if I have pre – printed kit

  • You first go to official site of State Bank of India by clicking on following link –
  • In this way only you can activate your SBI e – banking facility
  • But you remember here that activation of net banking for SBI account is only possible when you have pre – printed kit that SBI bank branch gives
  • You do not click on ‘new user registration’ tab
  • Instead you just enter your User ID and password that is there in pre – printed kit or PPK
  • You enter these details on login screen itself


In online SBI banking both password and user name are case sensitive therefore, you be careful when you enter details so that you do not make mistakes.

On other hand if you do not have this PPK kit then you continue reading to know steps to follow to register for personal banking with State Bank of India.

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Steps to register for SBI net banking for first time

  • To start registration process for net banking with SBI bank you first go to official site
  • You click on – in order to go to online SBI home page
  • From home page you move to ‘personal banking’ section
  • And then you click on ‘new user registration’ link

When you click on this link you get one alert message which informs you about pre – printed kit. You again click on ‘ok’ if you do not have this kit so that you go to another page for new user registration under SBI e – banking.

Process for State Bank of India online banking registration

  • At the registration page you enter account number
  • You should also enter following details –
  • CIF number
  • Branch code
  • Country
  • Mobile number that you registered with the bank
  • Select required facility from drop down list
  • Then you enter image provided in the box
  • Finally you click on ‘submit’ tab

Points to remember

At this page you remember that all fields are mandatory as you enter information in fields that have asterisk (*) mark attached. In case you do not have branch code which is of five digits then you do not worry because there option of ‘get branch code’.

When you click on that another web page opens up. On this page you select location and branch name from drop down list. When you select these two things branch code is automatically entered in third field. Further you may click on ‘submit’ so that this branch code comes to new user registration page.

Another point that you remember here is that you can find CIF number and account number in statement of account and / or account passbook. In case you are in Canada then you select USA / Canada. Finally you enter registered mobile number only in core field (field where you see that numbers that type are enterd).

Continue procedure to register with SBI for online banking

  • In next step you see a form
  • This form is for you to enter OTP or one time password
  • You get this password only on your registered mobile number
  • And once you get this number you enter it in field provided
  • Then you click on confirm

Options to complete registration

After you finish confirming OTP you have some options before you. You continue reading to know more about it below –

Option 1: I have ATM card

  • If you select this option then you click ‘submit’
  • After this you get temporary user name which you should write it some where
  • Later you create log in password which has at the least 8 characters
  • This password should be a mix of one special character, lower case alphabets, upper case alphabets and minimum one number
  • When you selected your password then you can confirm new log in password in second field by typing it again
  • Finally you click ‘submit’ tab
  • It is so because only then SBI e – banking registration process will complete
  • You also receive temporary user name and password that you make
  • But you get these details only on your registered mobile number
  • Finally you get this information through SMS on mobile phone number

Next steps

After successful registration you go back to personal banking page of State Bank of India website. To go there you click on – You then log in with your temporary user name and password. Later you click on ‘log in’.

You go to another page which clearly shows that you logged in to this account for first time. Here you get a chance to enter a new user – name which is of your choice. In addition you use this user name from next time that is whenever you come to use internet banking of SBI feature.

Steps to set new user name and password

  • You set new user name and there is possibility for you to check if this user name is available or not
  • Then you click on ‘I accept terms and conditions’ box
  • Here you remember to accept this box only after reading all terms and conditions because it is necessary for you to read these conditions before going forward with the steps
  • And later you click on ‘submit’ tab
  • In next step you set new log in password which is again mix of alphabets, special characters and numbers
  • Besides this password must have a minimum of 8 characters
  • And you remember that both password and log in ID are case sensitive
  • You enter your log in password again before clicking on ‘confirm’

Profile password set up

In next step you enter profile password and then confirm password. You also select hint question for profile and enter answer. Further you add place of birth, country and mobile number before clicking on submit.

You then see a confirmation page which is after you finish saving your profile password and personal details. You may then select tab that reads ‘check account summary’. In this way you see accounts that are mapped to your user name besides having idea of transactions account.

Points to remember

After you complete all these steps you only have facility to check balance or generate account statement and for more options you must contact SBI bank branch so that you get internet banking transaction rights.

Thus you complete above stated process only when you have ATM card. But if you do not have ATM card then you follow below listed process –

Option 2: I do not have ATM card

When you do not have ATM card then you click on second option after you register with SBI for online banking registration. We already gave steps for registration above.

Steps when there is no ATM card

  • After you click on submit you see system generated user name
  • However you should set log in password
  • And then click submit
  • You can see confirmation page
  • Next you see is temporary user name and pre – printed kit or PPK number on screen
  • There is one registration form link on page
  • Here you click on ‘view or download in PDF format’
  • You then take print out of this registration form
  • Moreover you fill this form carefully and submit it to your bank branch

Thus by using any of these methods you can easily register for internet banking with State Bank of India. You may even activate internet banking in SBI bank provided you follow rules for online banking of SBI.


You always must change your password in 10 weeks and never give password to others. Thus you are safe.

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