AdHive Pre – Sale and Phase 1, Phase 2 Token Sale Details | Check AdHive Referral Program Particulars

Referral Programs of AdHive

Influencer marketing is a contemporary form of native marketing wherein going global would be a child’s play. As an advertiser, you must however, make a note of some of the facts that relate to the token sale of AdHive tokens.

While in the previous articles we not only specified token sale amount but we also listed out details about the allocation of tokens. Besides you got to know that here 1 ADH token equals to 0. 00025 ETH. This is just the tip of the iceberg as AdHive has brought with it a referral program.


What is Referral Program in Pre – Sale and Phase 1 of Token Sale?

~ With AdHive tokens you get 4 % bonus as referrals.

~ If ADH tokens are above 500, 000 then 5 percent is bonus for referrer apart from 1 % as additional bonus (only for referrals).


AdHive Token Pre – Sale Details

~ Pre – sale of these tokens begin on 31st January 2018 at 1400 hours (UTC).

~ While 6th February 2018, 1400 hours calls for an end to the token pre – sale. It is said that there are about 13, 500, 000 ADH tokens in all.

~ As for the bonuses surrounding this pre – sale, one would get a 20 percent bonus from 31 January to 2 February.

~ While from 3 February till 6 February, bonus reduces to 15 %.

There will however be some more changes in the way token sale in phase 1 is going to take place. To help you further in this regard, you can continue reading this article.


Phase 1 of ADH Token Sale

~ Scheduled to begin on 7 February 2018 at 1400 hours UTC, ADH Token Sale phase 1 will go live.

~ It will continue till the 7th of March 2018 14: 00 UTC or till tokens are available.

~ Target for this sale is stated to be $ 12 million or 121, 500, 000 ADH.

~ There is also a bonus scheme here and according to which, for the first 10 minutes there is 10 % bonus whilst next 20 minutes, it will be 6 % bonus.

~ In the same way, 3 % will be the bonus in subsequent 40 minutes with 0 percent bonus being for subsequent 51. 5 minutes of ADH Tokens sale going live.


Note on Phase Second of ADH Token Sale

~ On the other hand, there will be second phase of token sale but it is going to be scheduled for the Q 3 and Q 4 of 2019.

~ This sale has been further divided in to numerous portions.

~ Currently, you cannot know about the token exchange rate, as announcement of this will be held only 5 days prior to token sale being live.

~ In addition, a number of factors affect the token market hence; final exchange rate is stated to be decided only at the last moment.

~ In case you already have been part of pre – sale and phase 1 token sale then you will be getting another 10 percent bonus.

~ There is going to be a vesting period as well.

So, now that you are aware of the facts that relate to the token sale of AdHive, it becomes easier for you to plan your future till the time token sale begins.


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