AdHive Token Sale Details | Information on the ADH Tokens Allocation

Let Us Know About Token Sale of AdHive

AdHive, as some of you may know is a platform solely built on the terms of influencer marketing. And hence, it becomes a necessary step for every person or at least for those who are a part of AdHive influencer marketing platform.

Here, we are actually speaking about the token sale of ADH or the AdHive Tokens.

Currently, 450, 000, 000 ADH number of tokens are there while there is not going to be any other release of tokens. Rules of burning of tokens apply even to AdHive tokens because if some tokens from Phase 1 Sale do not sell then they would be destroyed.

On the other hand, post AdHive Token Sale of Phase 1, Token Sale participants would be able to receive tokens they have bought. AdHive works its way in a method that all the participants benefit from the token sale.

As a result of it, it allocates tokens to all the participants depending on their investment in time and money. To help you further understand this process, you can read the following details regarding current token allocation


Token Allocation for All the Token Sale Participants of AdHive

~ Token sale participants get up to 60 percent of tokens divided in equal parts.

~ So, for pre – sale and token sale phase 1, a total of 30 % ADH tokens are going to be released.

~ Whereas another set of 30 % ADH tokens will be out for release during the second phase of token sale.


Number of Tokens for AdHive Founders

~ AdHive founders will also be in loop to receive ADH tokens.

~ They however, will be able to get only 11. 5 percent of the tokens.

~ Further, storage of all the tokens of AdHive founders will be on MultiSig.

~ These tokens will have 18 – month vesting schedule as well.

~ But they are vested in 3 parts equally.


How Does This Vesting Process Work?

Vesting is a simplified process that will work as per the schedule. Therefore, first part is vested immediately after crowdsale campaign ends; while the subsequent parts will be vested in 9 as well as 18 months. In fact, such a step would mean that long – term alignment of interests applies to not only the token sale participants but also the founders.


AdHive Token Exchange Rate Details

As for the AdHive token exchange rate, it will be the best in the market. You can pay for these tokens in any form of currency, as there are no limitations in this regard.

While here, 1 ADH is stated to be equal to 0. 00025 ETH or it can be 1 ETH = 4000 ADH.


Changes are bound to take place and the same is the case with Ethereum. Therefore, on precautionary notes, final conversion rate for the AdHive tokens is going to be announced before pre – sale begins. To assist the participants in purchasing these tokens, announcement of conversion rate will be 6 hours prior to the crowdsale campaign.

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