Asian Paints Ltd Dividend History

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In India Asian Paints is largest paint company. And it also Asia’s third largest paint company. Therefore Asian Paints Ltd is built in year 1945. You can see Asian paints dividend policy. It operates in 17 countries with 25 paint modern facilities in world. Moreover, check Berger paints dividend 2016. Hence, check out last five year dividend history.

History of Asian Paints

However, company makes paints in category wise. Such as decorative, automotive and industrial segment. Apart from this company also make various accessories. Like wall primer, wood primer and strainers etc.  Since 1967 company has been in market. In addition, company operates in 5 regions across world.

Therefore Asian Paint is one of fast growing segments in the industrial market. Probably, Asian Paints Company is top 13th level in world. Because, Asian paints is India’s leading paint company with turnover of Rs 170.85 billion. Furthermore, Asian Paints create wide range of paints for decorative and Industrial use.

In addition, it also offers water proofing, wall covering etc. Probably, Asian paints diversify into chemical products. Therefore company is built as a private limited company. But under name of Asian Oil and Paint Company Pvt. Ltd. It is converted into public limited company in 1973. Hence, see list of top best long term dividend paying stocks for retirement income in India.

Dividend policy

Similarly, fund investment of company is to capture future growth in industry. Such as capital expenditure, network expansion, etc. Apart from this funds require for any organic and inorganic growth by company. See Asian paints face value. Check list of sensex stocks with highest dividend yield.

In addition, fund require for capital needs of business. Because, company has only one class of equity share. Moreover, dividend will declare and paid to equity shareholders at fixed rate by board of company. And final dividend has planned by board of Directors.

Dividend history of Asian Paints

Asian Paints is paying high dividend from many years. And this industry is leader in paints. Therefore company has paid an average 42% of its net profit as dividend in past 10 year.  But in 10 years sensex has beaten up by eight times. Moreover, even in economic slowdown company revenues show 18% annual growth.

However, Asian paints gross margin expand by 3.4%. Because, its market share also improved by 4% of brand value. Furthermore raw material prices and high operating power are expected to expand. And this makes that company is likely to continue its high dividend payouts. Hence, revenues growth and earnings will continue for long period with economic recovery.

Dividend summar

Asian Paints Ltd board recommend final dividend of Rs.5.65 per equity share of face value of Rs.1. And special dividend of Rs.2 per equity share of face value of Rs.1. Moreover, total dividend aggregates to Rs.10.30 per equity share of value of Rs.1.

But each include interim dividend of Rs.2.65 per equity share as approved by company board for March 31, 2017. Check balance sheet before purchasing stock. To better understand check out Top 10 – Best stocks to buy for long term in India. Find below dividend history of Asian Paints Ltd since 2005-17.

Announcement Date Ex Dividend Date Dividend (%) Dividend Type
11-May-17 15-Jun-17 565 Final
11-May-17 15-Jun-17 200 Special
25-Oct-16 1-Nov-16 265 Interim
11-May-16 16-Jun-16 530 Final
23-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 220 Interim
18-May-15 24-Jun-15 430 Final
17-Sep-14 22-Sep-14 180 Interim
14-May-14 16-Jun-14 420 Final
21-Oct-13 24-Oct-13 110 Interim
9-May-13 6-Jun-13 365 Final
25-Oct-12 29-Oct-12 95 Interim
8-May-12 7-Jun-12 305 Final
21-Oct-11 25-Oct-11 95 Interim
10-May-11 9-Jun-11 235 Final
27-Oct-10 29-Oct-10 85 Interim
28-May-10 30-Jun-10 185 Final
22-Oct-09 26-Oct-09 85 Interim
12-May-09 17-Jun-09 110 Final
24-Oct-08 29-Oct-08 65 Interim
9-May-08 12-Jun-08 105 Final
19-Oct-07 25-Oct-07 65 Interim 1
10-May-07 13-Jun-07 10 Final
13-Mar-07 20-Mar-07 65 Interim 2
30-Oct-06 3-Nov-06 55 Interim
25-May-06 15-Jun-06 80 Final
31-Oct-06 31-Oct-05 45 Interim
21-Jun-05 22-Jun-05 55 Final

Finally, see Asian paints face value. However, Asian paints stock split history. Therefore view unclaimed dividend in balance sheet. In addition, first understand how best dividend paying stocks will impact your long term growth. Hence, you can see differences between best dividend and best stocks to buy.

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