Best investment options in India 2017

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Best investment options in India 2017 are many. However you must know about how to invest money with high returns that are safe. And that is why you know on investment options to save tax also. In addition there are many different investment options for senior citizens. Even there is best option to invest retirement money in India.

Best option to invest money in India

This article helps you to understand investing options. In addition below you find short term financial investment options. Even there are long term financial investment options. And these help you to know financial investment options for Indian investors.

Best investment options to invest money

Short term financial invest option in Savings Bank Account

There is one simple and best investing option that many people use. And it is investing in Savings Bank Account. However you should know one thing. It is that there is low interest rate on savings account.

While rate of interest on savings account is 4 % to 5 % per annum. You can also know impact of GST on home buyers. And what will be tax rates on different properties. Besides which property will people buy and why.

Best option to invest for 1 year in India in Bank Fixed Deposits

There is another investing option for 1 year investment in India. Moreover it is investment in Bank Fixed Deposits. Thus you can now invest in Bank FDs. Whereas it is only for those investors who are looking for low risk investment.

Apart from this investment time is for 6 to 12 months. While minimum investment period for fixed deposits in bank is 30 days. Moreover almost all banks offer this kind of investment.

Money market fund investment

If you see savings account investment and money market funds then many people select money market funds. It is so because these are mutual funds investing options. And that are for short term fixed income instruments. Besides money market funds protect capital. While this is reason for investment options with high returns.

Invest in Post Office Savings Schemes

Now you can invest in Post Office Savings Schemes or POSS. Moreover these have high returns than savings account also. It is also best investment options for senior citizens. Or even for retired persons.

It is so because here there is no deduction of TDS. Here TDS is Tax Deducted at Source. Finally there are many Post Office Savings Schemes. Some of them are Kisan Vikas Patra, National Savings Certificate, Recurring Deposit Scheme, National Savings Scheme and Monthly Income Scheme.

Bonds and debentures investment option

This is great investment option for large investments. Even there are capital gains tax rebates here. In addition companies issue bonds and debentures. It is so because they are fixed income instruments. Finally it is better if you invest in primary market.

Invest in Public Provident Fund

PPF full form is Public Provident Fund. PPF is also great option for high tax payers investing plans. On other hand it is fixed income investment option for small investors also. It is so because there is tax rebate, 11 % post tax return. And finally there is low risk.

Investing plan in Company Fixed Deposits

If you wish to increase returns in fixed income then company fixed deposits is the best options. It is so because companies use fixed deposits. Moreover they use it to borrow from small investors. Apart from this fixed deposits or FDs are open every month in year.

However you must have surplus funds for next one year if you plan to invest in company fixed deposits. Therefore you select investment period according to situation. Another most important fact is that you can never encash fixed deposits before maturity.

As it is investment plan for bright future. You must invest in it properly. Besides it is also important for you to check about company before you invest in it. Now it is easy to understand retirement planning process. And also know importance of retirement planning.

How to invest in life insurance policy

Life insurance policy is important. But there are many rules attached to it. And it is that life insurance premium depend on policy. Furthermore it also has following costs included –

  • Commission
  • Death benefit coverage
  • Investment returns can range from 8. 0 % to 9. 5 % post tax

Finally you should check correct life insurance. As life insurance is also important for you. Therefore right life insurance helps you in many ways.

Invest in mutual funds

Now a days people are investing in mutual funds. Moreover principle of mutual funds is similar to partnership in companies. However return on investing in mutual funds depends on many things. On other hand mutual funds are funds where many investors come together.

And they buy stocks or bonds. Or it can even be other type of investments. In addition investor has many benefits of investing in mutual funds. Below you check benefits of investing in mutual funds.

  • First you get access to different portfolio. Even when you are investing only in some things
  • Second you get services of professional money manager

While here money manager is person who manages (your) mutual funds. Thus it is simple and easy task to invest in mutual funds apart from gaining benefits.

Investment in equity shares

Equity shares is another best option to invest money for 5 years. It is so because you go for long term investment plans. However these investment plans are only for investing money for 5 years. And this is through investments in equity shares.

In addition you get to have maximum returns in long term. Besides there are two ways in which you can invest. Below you can check these two different ways to invest in equity shares.

Method I to invest in equity shares

Here you invest in secondary market. Furthermore for this you buy shares that are there on stock exchange only.

Method II of investing in equity shares

On other hand this second method is for investment through primary market. It means that there is use of shares that public gets.

However you must remember some more points. And it is that when you invest in equity shares there is a lot of risk. It is so because it is over long term. Besides these equity shares offer maximum return to all investors. Thus you must be very careful before investing in equity shares.

Thus you know about best investment options in India 2017. Hence it is also necessary for you to know about insurance policy and its importance. So that you can check different types of insurances in market.

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