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Decentralisation and Blockchain Comes Together for the First Time in Home Repairs

Reviews are generally a way through which judging a product becomes easier but what if there are fake reviews? Then no one has the control over it. Therefore we tend to look at methods using which we may overcome some of our issues.

Some more problems hover a house repair like that of the hidden costs especially when you hire a contractor. As a result of such and similar incidents, consumers are duped out of their money. They may end up taking wrong decisions as well.

To ensure that such things never repeat themselves and to make a wise decision whilst saving your money, Bob’s Repair came in to picture. Let us now have a look as to how will this Bob’s Repair work towards building a trustworthy environment.


How Will Blockchain Technology Become Part of the Home Repairs?

Blockchain technology is usually associated with that of decentralisation as both go hand in hand to come up with awesome solutions in building a fair way to work things out.

While at Bob’s Repairs, you can note that it is going to launch a decentralised marketplace. Moreover, it creates a connection with the consumers and the contractors directly without any involvement of third party sources and all this is due to the fact that it has been built on a blockchain technology.


Solution to the Problems Related to Review – Fraud and Hidden Costs

To help you out during these times, STEEM Blockchain is the tool where Bob Application will be built. The STEEM Blockchain does not have transaction costs and that is what makes it the best fit in the market.

In this application, storage of financial transaction is also possible while consumer and contractors will have access to leave a review. Such is a transparent working system of Bob’s Repair Application. On the other hand, Bob Application permits you to leave a review post a financial transaction, which later Bob’s Repair links to the actual financial transaction.

Thus, chain of trust continues to be built. Another as well as the most important thing that you must always keep in mind is that Bob Application is never going to sport an advertising from the contractors. Due to such a set – up, advertisers will not be able to add the advertising costs to that of the consumers.


Reviews and Their Way of Representation

In order to make all factors work towards benefitting consumers as well as the advertisers, you can see that reviews shall have all details from the start to finish. It means that a reader would be aware of the labour costs besides the material as two different costs.

Consumer, for that matter would search reviews as a result of which, they can check costs for a particular service and accordingly work their charges as well.


Method of Raising Funds through ERC 20 Tokens

ERC 20 Tokens tend to be specifically issued to create awareness apart from being free from any worries. Keeping this view in mind, Bob’s Repairs has taken in to service these ERC 20 Tokens. These tokens come by the name BOB Tokens wherein 50 % profits are only for the token holders.

A lot of benefits accompanies an individual when they are part of Bob Application, BOB Tokens and Bob’s Repair in general.

Whereas Bob’s Repair is planning to bring in ‘$ 400 billion USD skilled trade industry’ under its fold, such a herculean task would turn in to reality with the help of Bob Application only. In the process, consumers along with the contractors are stated to be on the right track with many benefits in their kitty.

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