Coal India Limited Dividend History

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Coal India is coal mining company. And that is controlled by Indian government. Therefore company was established in year 1975.  Check Coal India Interim dividend 2017. But it headquarters in Kolkata.  Moreover, it produces almost 81% of entire coal produced in India. Probably, Coal India is largest producer in India. Hence, See Coal India bonus new. For more details coal India bonus shares declared.

History of Coal India (CIL)

CIL today is single largest coal producer in world. But CIL also manages 200 other establishments like workshops, hospitals etc. Further, it also own 26 technical and management training institutes. And also have 102 vocational training institutes. However, it play key role in India Growth story and making incorporate globally competitive in India.

Therefore it produces quantity of coal and coal products efficiently in market. Hence, it is eco friendly manner to safety, conservation and quality. Similarly, Coal India is holding seven company with own coal producing subsidiary companies. See coal India dividend 2017 Record date

Apart from above, Mahanadi Coalfields limited (MCL) has 03 subsidiary companies. And south eastern coalfield ltd has 02 subsidiaries companies. Therefore Coal India are major consumers are power and steel sectors. Others include Cement, fertilizer, and small scale industries. You can also view coal India dividend for 2017

Care for Environment

However, Coal India has been playing proactive role in environment protection. So it ensures that mining operations are carried out in compatible manner. And they committed to minimize coal mining on environment through well structured environment management plans.

Moreover, pollution controls measures are taken concurrently with mining operations for maintain physical attributes of environment. Such as air, water, noise, land & population. Hence, check stocks with top dividend. Check Coal India face value.

Coal India Joins SENSEX

Coal India made it to 30 stock sensex on 8 August 2011. Probably, in short time of nine months since its listing on 4 November 2010. So no other company has made it to index in such short time. And then Coal India rise to top in just seven trading sessions. Since it does enter to SENSEX.

Dividend history for Coal India Limited

Coal India Limited has declared 11 dividends since Feb 18, 2011. But in past 12 months, Coal India Limited has declared an equity dividend amount to Rs.19.90 per share. However, current share price of Rs 247.25 and dividend yield of 8.05%. And adjusting for bonus or splits dividend yield is 8.05%.

Dividend for 2015 to 2016 financial year

However, Coal India Ltd (CIL) approved payment of Interim dividend for financial year 2015 to 2016 at 27.40 shares on face value Rs 10. Therefore payment of interim dividend start from March 21st and CIL informed to stock exchanges. Earlier CIL has fixed March 15 as record date for purpose of interim dividend payment. Moreover, total CIL interim dividend is around 20,830 crore including dividend distribution tax. Hence, government holds 79.65 per cent stock in CIL will get 17’308 crore.

Dividend for 2016 to 2017 financial year

On March 26th 2017 has approved to pay second interim dividend for 2016 to 17. On same day meeting held by Audit Committee of CIL suggested. To give interim dividend at Rs.1.15 per share of face value Rs.10. Therefore company has fixed 29th March 2017 as record date. Probably, for purpose of 2nd interim dividend payment on equity shares for 2016 to 17.

Similarly, payment date of 2nd interim dividend is on and from 31st March, 2017.   Further, Coal India Ltd is an India based holding company. And it engaged in production and sale of coal. Hence, it offers various products like coal, semi coking, non-coking coal, etc.

Dividend Summary

However, March 2016 yearend Coal India has declared an equity dividend of 270.00 % amount. So per share Rs 27.4 dividend given by Coal India.  Therefore at current share price of Rs 244.90 and dividend yield of 11.19%. Moreover, company has good dividend track report and has continuous dividend declared from last 5 years. But, as per profit and loss account.

You can find below Announcement Date, Effective Date, Dividend Type (Interim, Final and Special). In addition, information on dividend percent for Coal India Ltd. Check dividend history of Coal India Limited (CIL).

Announcement date Effective Date Dividend (%) Dividend type Remarks
23-03-17 27-03-17 11.5 Interim Rs.1.1500 per share(11.5%)Second Interim Dividend
21-02-17 14-03-17 187.5 Interim Rs.18.7500 per share(187.5%)Interim Dividend
26-02-16 14-03-16 274 Interim Rs.27.4000 per share(274%)Interim Dividend
20-02-15 3/3/2015 207 Interim Rs.20.7000 per share(207%)Interim Dividend
8/1/2014 17-01-14 290 Interim Rs.29.0000 per share(290%)Interim Dividend
20-05-13 6/9/2013 43 Final Rs.4.3000 per share(43%)Final Dividend
1/3/2013 18-03-13 97 Interim Rs.9.7000 per share(97%)Interim Dividend
18-05-12 6/9/2012 5 Final Rs.0.50 per share(5%)Final Dividend
24-02-12 15-03-12 95 Interim
12/5/2011 8/9/2011 4 Final
2/2/2011 18-02-11 35 Interim

Finally, get into dividend history payout amount. In addition interim dividend and latest dividend announcements by Coal India in last 10 Year. For better understand see News and announcements. Hence, check coal India share price history. To know more read Coal India share price forecast.

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