HDFC Bank Dividend History

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Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC)

HDFC Bank Ltd is world class Indian Bank.  And bank aims to ensure highest level standards. Such as professional integrity and regulatory compliance. See HDFC interim dividend. Therefore, HDFC bank Company is based on four core values. Like Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Product Leadership and people. But you can view HDFC bank bonus shares history. Hence, for more details see HDFC bank dividend record date 2017.

History of HDFC Bank

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) is first getting approval from RBI. But to set up bank in private sector as part of RBI of Indian Banking Industry in 1994. However, HDFC bank is major Indian Financial Services Company. And register office is in Mumbai. Hence, you can also see unpaid dividend list.

Probably, HDFC bank is paying Dividend since 13 years. And you can also see historical dividend payout since 2004. Therefore current dividend yield for HDFC Bank as of June 27, 2017 is 0.57%. HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994. Hence, see HDFC bank Ratio analysis for last 5 years.

However, HDFC bank recognizes its value of good corporate authority. So it accepts to attain fairness for all shareholders to achieve good organization. Therefore it established to provide direction and support for managing bank. And it monitor bank with principles of good corporate governance.

Dividend distribution policy

However, Board of director before advice dividend to its shareholder for financial year. And this policy is framed under Securities and Exchange Board of India Regulation, 2016. Therefore Board will consider following factor before recommend dividend. Hence, see HDFC Bank Historical cash Dividend payout Ratio chart.

Statutory and Regulatory Compliance: Therefore bank must declare dividend after fulfillment with banking regulation Act, 1949. And this regulatory guideline on dividend declaration issued by RBI from time to time. Hence, check HDFC Bank Historical cash Dividend payout Ratio Data.

Financial Performance: Probably, dividend is suggested on yearly bank financial performance. But dividend payout ratio is calculated as per cent include dividend tax. Moreover, an alternate sources of capital is to raise funds cost. Therefore tax imply on distribution of dividends. Hence, See HDFC dividend payout date

External Factors: it is macro-economic environment. And it shareholders expectation include individual shareholders. Hence, you can check HDFC Bank Historical Dividend Data. Therefore you can view last 5 year HDFC Bank financial summary. But check dividend payout ratio formula. However, to know more about dividend sees dividend payout ratio analysis. In addition, you can also see share transfer agent of HDFC Ltd.

Dividend Policy

Therefore bank has dividend policy with dual objectives. And it satisfy shareholder through dividends and retain capital. Because, to maintain healthy capital ratio to support future growth. So it has regular dividend track record for last five years. But firm increase in dividend declares over its history with dividend pay-out ratio between 20% to 25%. In addition, you can read banking sector report.

Similarly, dividend is paid on overall performance in this financial year. But directors are satisfied to suggest dividend of Rs.9.50 per equity share of Rs.2 for March 31, 2016. And for previous years it is against Rs.8.00 per equity share of Rs.2 for year March 31, 2015. However, this dividend shall be focus on dividend tax to be paid by bank. Hence, find be HDFC Bank dividend history from 2005 to 17.

Announcement Date Ex Dividend Date Dividend (%) Dividend Type
21-Apr-17 29-Jun-17 550 Final
22-Apr-16 29-Jun-16 475 Final
23-Apr-15 2-Jul-15 400 Final
22-Apr-14 5-Jun-14 342.5 Final
23-Apr-13 13-Jun-13 275 Final
18-Apr-12 28-Jun-12 215 Final
18-Apr-11 2-Jun-11 165 Final
24-Apr-10 10-Jun-10 120 Final
23-Apr-09 22-Jun-09 100 Final
24-Apr-08 5-Jun-08 85 Final
24-Apr-07 17-May-07 70 Final
13-Apr-05 26-May-05 45 Final

HDFC Bank Dividend Payout Ratio

As of today, HDFC Bank Ltd annual dividend yield is 0.59%. Therefore during past 13 years, highest annual dividend yield of HDFC bank Ltd is 1.06%. But lowest was 0.40%. And median is 0.68%. However, in past 12 months HDFC Bank average dividend per share growth rate is 18.80% per year. Hence, check HDFC Bank share price and chart.

However, from past 3 years average dividend per share growth rate is 23.00 % per year. But in past 5 years average dividend per share growth is 27.30% per year. And, during past 10 year dividend share growth rate is 25.20% per year. Hence, you can see latest financial fact sheet of HDFC Bank.

Similarly, from past 13 years highest average dividend per share growth rate is 31.80% per year. Hence, growth rate is calculated with least square regression. And to know more details on dividend check dividend page. Therefore for more details, see HDFC Bank quarterly result.

Finally, check financial analysis of HDFC bank. And it include dividend yield and payout ratio. Therefore you can also see Bank’s Annual Report. However, you can also view dividend calendar for upcoming ex-dividend dates for next month. Hence, check your unclaimed dividend status. Moreover, see HDFC bank dividend 2017 & 2016. But for better understand view full-featured Fundamental Chart.

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