High Dividend Stocks to Buy In India

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You can buy few high dividend stocks in India. Select company dividend track record. If company will pay dividend regular over time is good to buy. And at least check out last five years dividend history. And these stocks are government owned companies. Therefore High dividend yield stocks provide an excellent hedge against market volatile.

High Dividend Paying Stocks

You can invest in stocks that give high dividend income. And also look for stable and consistent return. Therefore in India most popular investment option is fixed deposit and small saving schemes. So, you can find below high dividend paying stocks list.

Oracle Fin Serv

Oracle Fin Serv is Software Company. And this company is paying continuous dividend. But this company stock is at high value. For March 2016, Oracle Company has declared an equity dividend of 2000.00% amount of Rs 100 per share. Therefore company dividend yield is 2.76% high.

Noida Toll ltd

Noida Toll Company built Delhi Noida Toll Bridge. Therefore company is making good profit and paying regular dividend. And this company has declared an equity dividend of 30.00% amount to Rs 3 per share. However, this result shows 30.15% dividend yield. Hence, for better understand see Noida Toll company dividend history.

Sasken Communication

Sasken Company is IT company providing software solution and communication devices. But Sasken Communication has declared an equity dividend of 70.00% amount to Rs 7 per share. Therefore dividend yield is 1.43%. See best stocks to buy for long term growth.


NMDC is mineral producer company. And company declare dividend of 1100% amount to Rs 11 per share. But dividend yield is of 9.89%. Hence, to know more details see NMDC dividend history http://www.financialwing.com/nmdc-dividend-history

India Bull Ventures

India Bull is leading stock trading company. Therefore this company has record of declaring multiple interim dividends. And company has paid dividend of Rs.3 per share in March 2016. Hence, dividend yield is 1.72%.  Let’s take top ten best stocks for long term from India’s best performing sector.

Mannapuram Finance

Mannapuram Finance is in business of providing finance against gold. However, Manappuram Finance has track record of paying dividends to investors. For March 2016, company has paid dividend of Rs 1.8 per share. Dividend yield is 1.85%. Hence, check list of top best long term dividend paying stocks for retirement income in India.

Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank is another stock which provides good dividend to investor. For the year ending March 2015, Syndicate Bank has declared an equity dividend of Rs 4.7 per share. Dividend yield of this share is 6%. Check Syndicate Bank performance. Hence, for better understand see syndicate bank bonus history. See List of large cap bank quality Stocks with Strong fundamentals.

Finally, stocks are taken on basis of dividend paid not on basis of fundamentals. However, you can invest in Top High Dividend Paying Stock. Check finance sector overview in Market. And check 10 years estimate returns based on the past performance. View performance of top dividend yielding companies.

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