Influencer Marketing Campaign with AdHive Techniques

Management of Influencer Marketing Campaigning

Influencer marketing is turning out to be one of the latest things in the market now – a – days. It is through this that the advertisement industry is on the rise now. To take it to newer levels, AdHive makes sure of the fact that some set of parameters are met.

In this post today, we have detailed the whole process of campaign from the start and until the end. So, you can continue reading to know more about it.

How does the campaign begin?

Advertisers can prepare campaigns in very less time; they however, must follow some rules so that nothing goes wrong at the end of the day. Below given are the parameters that are necessary for campaigning –

  • Deadline of the task as in when should it be published
  • You can select from the available list of the parameters of the audience
  • Target areas and budget
  • Duration of the campaign
  • And finally last date of the application


Advertiser is capable of modifying these parameters before any campaign commences.


What is Duration of Campaigns?

~ Platform does not have any say in the duration of a campaign and hence it becomes responsibility of an advertiser to select period of campaign.

~ On an average campaigns run from 2 days to 1 year as well.

~ Keeping this in mind, cost of a campaign is decided while video views are also taken in to consideration.

Who Manages Influencer List for Campaigns?

By now, it might have become a known fact that AdHive is a platform for new age marketing strategy. You can also name the AdHive influencer marketing as an advanced form of marketing though tactics seems to have an inkling with the bygone advertising mechanics.

So how can some person manage influencer list for a campaign? If this question rings a bell in your mind then you remember only one thing here and it is that there are some steps that advertiser can put in to use in order to affect influencer pool.

Stop List

With this option, advertiser adds links to the field. Usually these are the names of the channels that have to be excluded from a said pool.

Sponsored Influencers

On the other hand, there is another list of sponsored influencers wherein advertisers send groups promo tokens. In this way, encouraging groups becomes an easier task.

Groups get these promo tokens only for some tasks and not all the tasks. So when influencer does not agree to be a part of a campaign then it is necessary for influencer to return these tokens to the advertisers.

End of the campaigns

Once a campaign comes to a close, advertiser receives reports of total number of contacts along with target audience. This report also consists of links of videos and other details of communication of audience and influencers. Therefore, there is clarity in every step of the process.

When such a system is in place then you can without any issue understand complete working system of AdHive and its method of influencer marketing.

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