Infosys Limited Dividend History

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Infosys LTD is global technology services firm. And that defines designs and delivers information technology (IT) to enable business to clients. But company provides end to end business solution for their client. Because, it contains technical consulting, design development, product engineering. In addition, like maintenance, integration and infrastructure management services.

History of Infosys Limited

However, Infosys Ltd is public limited. And India second largest software company. Therefore it has built-in in year 1981 as Infosys Consultants Pvt Ltd under Indian Companies Act, 1956.Moreover; company was started by seven people with investment of USD 250. Probably, company became public limited company in Year 1992. Hence, company was first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ at year 1999.

In addition, Infosys also forms part of NASDAQ-100 index. And company name has changed from Infosys Technologies Ltd to Infosys LTD with effect from June 16, 2011. Therefore Infosys complete its initial public offering of equity share in India in 1993. But its initial public offering of American Depositary Shares (ADSs) in United States in 1999.

Company also provides software products to banking industry. Moreover, they have developed banking solution to large and medium size banks across India. In addition, such as offsite customer relationship management, finance and accounting. Hence company is having technical alliance and marketing with IBM, Intel and Microsoft. Others like Oracle, Filenet and system application products.

Dividend policy of Infosys

Infosys pays dividends to its shareholders. Probably, dividend policy is to give out up to 70 percent of free cash flow as dividend. Moreover, board of Directors review dividend policy from time to time on April12, 2017. And earlier they decided to change dividend policy up to 70 percent of free cash flow. But from 50 percent of post tax profits.

In addition, company has given special dividends back to shareholder from time to time. Because, whenever company had surplus cash compare to its requirements. Hence, see Infosys Limited Date & History Dividend.

Dividend declared

Infosys pays dividend twice in year. Similarly, interim dividend is declared by board in October along with annual results. Hence, final dividend is made by approval of shareholders at Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Dividend for March 2017

However, company announce dividend of Rs.14.75 per share for financial year on March 31, 2017. Moreover, Infosys has declared an equity dividend of 515.00% to Rs 25.75 per share. So dividend yield for current share price is 2.75%. Hence, see dividend history payout and interim dividend.

In addition, an amount of Rs 13,000 crore will be paid out to shareholders in present year. Hence, IT major review and revise capital share policy. And payout has hiked of free cash flow to 70 Percent. Therefore company has good dividend track report. But from last 5 years company declared dividend continues.

Summary of 2016 Dividend

Infosys major sector of Information Technology (IT). And company announce final dividend of Rs 14.25 per share for financial year on March 31, 2016.  Or 285 percent on face value of Rs 5 for financial year end March 31, 2016. Hence, dividend will be paid on June 20, 2016.

In addition, earlier company gave an interim dividend of Rs 10 in October last year. However, board has increased dividend pay-out from 40 to 50 per cent of post tax profits from 2015. And also view latest dividend notice by Infosys in last 10 years.

Infosys dividend payout ratio

Infosys LTD’s dividend payout ratio for three months ended in March 2017 is zero. Similarly, from past 13 years highest dividend payout ratio of Infosys Ltd was 0.41. But lowest was 0.16 and median was 0.24. Hence, today annual dividend yield of Infosys Ltd is 2.63%.

During past 12 month Infosys Ltd average dividend per share Growth Rate was 2.00% per year. But in past 3 years average Dividends per Share Growth Rate was 29.00% per year. And from past 5 years average Dividends per share growth rate is 28.20% per year. Hence, past 10 years dividend per share growth rate is 19.10% percent.

However, Infosys ltd is 104.30% per year highest 3 year dividend per share growth rate from past 13 years. So lowest is -2.10% per year. And median is 30.80% per year. Hence, find below dividend history of Infosys from 2002 to 2017.

Dividend Date Record Date Dividend %  Dividend Type
1-Jun-17 3-Jun-17 295 Final
21-Oct-16 24-Oct-16 220 Interim
9-Jun-16 11-Jun-16 285 Final
16-Oct-15 19-Oct-15 200 Interim
15-Jun-15 17-Jun-15 590 Final
16-Oct-14 17-Oct-14 600 Interim
29-May-14 31-May-14 860 Final
17-Oct-13 18-Oct-13 400 Interim
30-May-13 1-Jun-13 540 Final
18-Oct-12 19-Oct-12 300 Interim
24-May-12 26-May-12 200 Special
24-May-12 26-May-12 440 Final
20-Oct-11 21-Oct-11 300 Interim
26-May-11 28-May-11 400 Final
21-Oct-10 22-Oct-10 200 Interim
21-Oct-10 22-Oct-10 600 Special
26-May-10 29-May-10 300 Final
15-Oct-09 16-Oct-09 200 Interim
4-Jun-09 6-Jun-09 270 Final
16-Oct-08 17-Oct-08 200 Interim
29-May-08 31-May-08 545 Final
18-Oct-07 19-Oct-07 120 Interim
6-Jun-07 8-Jun-07 130 Final
19-Oct-06 20-Oct-06 100 Interim
25-May-06 27-May-06 770 Dividend
17-Oct-05 18-Oct-05 130 Interim
1-Jun-05 3-Jun-05 130 Final
18-Oct-04 19-Oct-04 100 Interim
26-May-04 28-May-04 2300 Dividend
16-Oct-03 17-Oct-03 290 Interim
28-May-03 30-May-03 290 Dividend
30-Oct-02 1-Nov-02 250 Interim

Finally, see Infosys dividend payout date 2017. For more details view Infosys dividend payout ratio. Moreover, payout ratio and Dividend Growth Rate are two most important dividends. Therefore lower payout ratio may indicate that company has more to increase. Check Infosys new and announcement. And also see record date and ex-bonus date.

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