Introduction to AdHive, a New Way to AI Powered Influencer Marketing

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AdHive And Influence Marketing

These days influencer marketing has taken priority when it comes to marketing form. Influence marketing or the influencer marketing is a way through which marketing strategists focus on the influential people. Target market is also under the radar but it is in the secondary form. Due to such a form of marketing approach, changes can be seen in the field of marketing.

AI – powered Influencer Marketing finds its basis for AdHive thus providing for an automatic solution. These together form core idea of making of AdHive. Another reason for such a platform is that you would get a system wherein advertisers as well as the influencer communities come together.

Such a scenario is going to see changes in the way of moving of the advertising budgets from a TV to that of the digital industry (in the video format). Plan of action is already in place for bringing not only influencers but also the bloggers at the same platform. Due to such a set – up, huge virtual TV channel will be in place.

AdHive Tokens – Details of the Pre – Sale of Tokens

Beginning of the pre – sale of the AdHive tokens is stated to be on the 10th of January 2018 while it ends on the 27th of January 2018. During this period, exchange rate has been put at 5000 ADH for 1 ETH. This number is inclusive of the 25 % bonus as well. However, here, target is stated to be close to $ 1 million or 13, 500, 000 ADH.

Phase 1 of the Token Sale of AdHive

It will be on the 7th of February 2018 that the first phase of AdHive token sale goes live. This will continue till the 7th of March 2018 with the rate of exchange being 4000 ADH for 1 ETH. Bonus is stated to be put at 10 % to 0 % only while soft cap is approximately 2 million or 22, 000, 000 ADH.

Finally, the target is stated to be $ 12 million or 121, 500, 000 ADH. You, however, must remember a simple fact and it is that the target for phase 1 of the token sale will be announced 5 days prior to the token sale.


~ All the participants of pre – sale and the first phase sale will be able to get 10 percent bonus.

~ There is never going to be creation of the tokens apart from the already created ones.

~ As for the amount of the tokens available for the participants of the second phase, it is equal to the number of tokens sold.

~ Here, we are talking about the tokens being sold in both AdHive pre – sale and the first phase.

~ Participants would only be eligible for the bonus scheme.

~ Rate of conversion is generally announced 6 hours prior to any token sale and this will be an official announcement only.

~ Last but not the least, all the tokens which go unsold are stated to be burned.

~ This step will be applicable only after the token sale.

~ There is also the most important rule, according to which, creation of additional tokens will never take place after all the steps complete.

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