ITC Limited Dividend History

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ITC Ltd is one of India’s foremost private sector companies. Therefore company is rated among world best big companies. And company ranks among Asia 50 best performing companies. However, check ITC company result. Moreover, ITC has diversified in Cigarettes, Hotels, paperboards etc. Hence, ITC is an outstanding Market leader in traditional business. See ITC board Meeting 2017.

History of ITC LTD

ITC was incorporated on August 24, 1910. But under name Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited.  Therefore company name changed from Imperial Tobacco Company of India Ltd to Tobacco Company Ltd in 1970. And then to ITC Ltd in year 1974. Hence, in India ITC’s Agri–Business is one of largest exporters of agricultural products.

ITC Stock Markets

However, stock Markets were under lot of pressure in last few years. Probably, this sector was fast moving consumer good. Moreover, from past ten year ITC stock given 25.5 % returns. It helped company for fast earning growth during period. Hence, ITC expect 10-15% annualized return for next five years. Check latest stock price and chart of ITC LTD

ITC Limited Dividend History

Since, July 3 2001 ITC Limited has declared 13 dividend. However, in past 12 months ITC Limited has declared an equity dividend amount to Rs.4.75 Per share. But, current share price of Rs.323.25 and these results in dividend yield of 1.47%.  Hence, dividend yield is 1.47% is adjusting for Bonus / splits.

Dividend for Financial Year end 31st March, 2016

However, ITC moved higher by 4% to Rs 377 on BSE.  And after company announce bonus issue in ratio of 1:2. Therefore board has recommend dividend of Rs 8.50 per share of Rs 1 each for financial year March 31, 2016. But it include special dividend of Rs.2 also. Check dividend payout date 2017.

Moreover, stock finally settled at Rs 330 and 2% higher on BSE. Hence, it recorded huge trading volumes with combined 15.01 million shares changed on BSE and NSE.  For more details see ITC Ltd company fact sheet and Quarterly results.

Dividend for Financial Year end 31st March, 2017

Board of Directors of company at meeting held on 26th May, 2017. It has recommended dividend of Rs.4.75 per share of Rs.1 each for financial year end 31st March, 2017. Moreover, dividend declared will be paid on 31st July, 2017 to those members entitled. Hence, see ITC Ltd dividend 2017 record date.

Similarly, 31st March 2016 financial year end dividend. But that was not claimed or paid within thirty days from declaration date of such dividend.  And that dividend is transferred to unpaid dividend account of company within statutory time period.

Unclaimed Dividend

However, past year unclaimed dividend has transfer to General Revenue Account of Central Government. And also like Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF). Therefore it establish by Central Government. Furthermore, members may claim refund of their unclaimed dividend from IEPF authority by following procedure.

Hence, this procedure set under IEPF authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016. You can visit IEPF website to claim refund from IEPF authority. Probably, unclaimed dividend for 7 years will be transferred by Company to IEPF with list. See face value of ITC.

Similarly, ordinary shares of company which dividend has remain unpaid for seven years. And that unpaid dividend is transfer by company to IEPF of Government of India. Moreover, company will send communication to members. But those who have not claimed their dividend for sever year or more.

Therefore company provides them an opportunity to claim such dividend. Hence, by communicate with Investor Service Centre (ISC).In addition, if valid claim is not received by ISC before due dates. And company will transfer concerned shares to IEPF. You can see Announcement Date, Record Date, Ex-Bonus Date and Bonus Ratio history of ITC Ltd. Find below dividend history of ITC LTD from 2005 to 17.

Announcement Date Ex Dividend Date Dividend (%) Dividend Type
26-May-17 5-Jun-17 475 Final
20-May-16 30-May-16 650 Final
20-May-16 30-May-16 200 Special
22-May-15 3-Jun-15 625 Final
23-May-14 3-Jun-14 600 Final
17-May-13 31-May-13 525 Final
25-May-12 11-Jun-12 450 Final
20-May-11 10-Jun-11 165 Special
20-May-11 10-Jun-11 280 Final
21-May-10 9-Jun-10 550 Special
21-May-10 9-Jun-10 450 Final
22-May-09 13-Jul-09 370 Final
23-May-08 16-Jul-08 350 Final
25-May-07 16-Jul-07 310 Final
27-May-05 18-Jul-05 310 Final

Finally, check ITC LTD news. However, see ITC share price dividend. Therefore for more details check news and analysis. Hence, see history of share price. Probably, you can also see bonus history of ITC limited.

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