How to start Kotak internet banking

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Starting net banking or registering for Kotak internet banking is now easy because Kotak Mahindra Bank offers some simple steps for you to register for Kotak net banking. Moreover Kotak Mahindra Bank provides different services for people so that they can bank from home or office. To help you further in this article we gave details on how to register for Kotak net banking services and how to start internet banking facility.

Start net banking registration process

There are many ways using which you can start net banking facility provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank. Below you find all details of net banking registration process.

Method 1 to register online for Kotak Mahindra net banking

  • To register online for internet banking with Kotak Mahindra bank you go to official site
  • Click on following link to go to official site
  • You see a page on ‘online net banking registration / password generation’
  • On this page you enter CRN or customer ID
  • Click on box after reading ‘T and C or all terms and conditions’
  • Finally you click on ‘continue tab’

Points to remember

What is CRN number for Kotak net banking?

CRN is number on your debit or credit card and this number is there below your name on the card. CRN full form is Customer Relationship Number. In case you do not know about this number then you can send an SMS to official help line to get CRN.

You send an SMS to 997 105 67 67 and write CRN in message. However you remember to send this message from registered mobile number only. On other hand this number (CRN) is there on first page of cheque book that you get after opening bank account in Kotak Mahindra Bank. But on the cheque book this number is under ‘Reference Number’ tag.

What is customer ID for Kotak internet banking?

Customer ID is one ID that you get with welcome kit. You can see customer ID below you name on debit card of bank.

Nick name for online net banking registration with Kotak bank

You find one nick name option also when you start process for online registration of Kotak net banking. And this nick name helps you to access net banking facilities. You remember that this nick name makes your work easy when log in.

Creation of nick name happens only when you log in to Kotak Mahindra net banking option.

Process to register for Kotak internet banking online

  • After you enter user ID and click continue you should verify your details by answering any two questions
  • Next you select method to generate password
  • Later you enter new password that is combination of numbers, alphabets, symbols
  • Click on ‘log in page’ tab
  • Here you enter your user ID or nick name and 12 – character password to continue using Kotak internet banking services

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Method 2 to start Kotak online banking services

There is another option for you to submit Channel Access Request for Kotak Mahindra net banking services. But for this you send filled Channel Access Request Form by using ordinary post to the below given address –

Customer Contact Centre,

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.,

Post Box Number: 16344,

Mumbai 400 013

Method 3 to register for Kotak online banking

In this case you call Kotak Mahindra Bank Customer Contact Centre at 18 60 266 26 66 (this help line is available on all days of the year. Or else you may call +91 22 66 00 60 22. When you call any one of the customer centre numbers, you speak to concerned authorities and start net banking services.

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