List of Forthcoming Results Calender of BSE, NSE

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Quarterly results are set of financial statement. But it available to public to understand company performance. And these are created in predefined format that company must stick. Therefore, you can see quarterly results of Indian companies 2017. Moreover, according to SEBI guidelines it is necessary for listed company to produce quarterly results. Hence, look at quarterly numbers published by companies.

What is Quarterly Report

Similarly, Quarterly report issued by company every three month. Therefore public companies in United States file this report via SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission form 10 Q. However, all listed companies are require to publish their results to public via stock exchanges. Hence, you can track yearly performance of company.

However, tracking company performance every quarter will help you to take decision. And also it helps management to their decision process. Because, it helps decision makers to keep an eye on company performance. Probably, company profit is published for every 3 months. Therefore, this is called quarterly profit. But all quarters (Q1 to Q4) together will be report as yearly profit.

Therefore three month financial act as earnings and paying dividend. But quarter means one-fourth of year. And it is expressed as “Q”. However, companies may have their own quarterly calendars. And they must also send results to stock exchange where they are listed. Hence, Quarter 1 – April, May and June, 2nd Quarter (July, August and Sep). In addition, like Q3 (Oct, Nov and Dec) and Q4 (Jan, Feb and Mar) Next year.

How it Works

However, quarterly report is indicator of company performance. Therefore it includes an Income Statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.  And it is comparative results for previous year. Because, quarterly report shows analysis of company financial condition. But it reveal about risk factor of company. In addition, any details related to company and its business. Probably, it will share by shareholders in quarter report.

Similarly, quarter end in March, June, September and December. And quarterly report helps you to take pulse of companies. Furthermore, quarterly reports help you to guess future earnings. Because, company performance is calculate every year. However, you cannot wait for year to know about company performance. Hence, year is split into quarter (12 months divided into 4 equal parts.

How to read quarterly result

Probably, if you are shareholders you must be anxious to know about company. And how company is performing. Therefore quarterly results are indicators of company progress. Because, its project yearly profit targets. Hence, you need to look at companies results whose share you hold. However, you can check out each company growth by comparing with previous year numbers.

However, you must look not only at net profits figures. But also other details like sales growth and debt structure. Because, you must know net profit of company growth. And you need to check reasons for increase or decrease in expenditure.

Moreover, it is not easy to analyze numbers like professional. In addition, other than net profit, there are few more terms. Such as gross sales, net sales, expenditure, operating income and earnings per share (EPS). Therefore, it will help you to get better understanding on where company stands.

Hence, to know more details read profit & loss account.  For better understanding read Balance sheet. Therefore view comparison of actual revenues and EPS by quarter guidance issued. And find below list of forthcoming quarter result dates of listed companies on BSE and NSE.

Company Name Forthcoming Date
ABG Shipyard 4-Jul-17
Betala Global 5-Jul-17
Kore Foods 5-Jul-17
Alpha Hi-Tech 6-Jul-17
GM Breweries 6-Jul-17
Beryl Drugs 7-Jul-17
Beryl Securitie 7-Jul-17
Sanwaria Agro 7-Jul-17
Cyient 13-Jul-17
Goa Carbon 13-Jul-17
GRUH Finance 15-Jul-17
Hindustan Media 17-Jul-17
HT Media 18-Jul-17
Mah Scooters 18-Jul-17
Bajaj Finserv 19-Jul-17
Bajaj Auto 20-Jul-17
Bajaj Holdings 20-Jul-17
Kotak Mahindra 20-Jul-17
Tata Sponge 21-Jul-17
3i Infotech 22-Jul-17
GIC Housing Fin 24-Jul-17
HDFC Bank 24-Jul-17
Richirich Inven 24-Jul-17
Axis Bank 25-Jul-17
GlaxoSmithKline 25-Jul-17
Mahindra Life 25-Jul-17
Everest Ind 26-Jul-17
HDFC 26-Jul-17
Biocon 27-Jul-17
Kirloskar Bros 27-Jul-17
WABCO India 27-Jul-17
Auto Stampings 28-Jul-17
Machino Plastic 28-Jul-17
Shree Cements 31-Jul-17
Venlon Polyeste 31-Jul-17
TCI Developers 1-Aug-17
TCI Express 1-Aug-17
Transport Corp 2-Aug-17
Polaris Consult 7-Aug-17
Prism Cement 8-Aug-17

Finally, check how to read quarterly results. Moreover, there are two types to compare performance. In addition, like Quarter-on-Quarter or year-on-year. Therefore see first quarter results announcement dates. And, also check performance by quarterly financial result. But view audit financial results. Hence, to know more look how EPS (Earning per Share) works.

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