List of 10 biggest Real Estate companies in India

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Real Estate sector is recognizing sectors in India. But real estate is second largest in India. Therefore this business has been rising rapidly. Moreover, building industry ranks third with 14 major sectors. And in terms of direct and indirect in all sectors of economy. However, see Advantages to invest in Real Estate. Hence, check real estate vs. stock market graph.

Most Famous Real Estate companies in India

India is becoming hub of Real Estate. Therefore huge people are attracting real estate market. But every home buyer always searches for best builders for their home. Moreover, housing sector occupies about 5-7% of country GDP.  And also plays major role in economy. Hence, below is list of 10 biggest Real Estate companies in India.

DLF Limited

DLF (Delhi Land and Finance Limited) is found in 1946. And DLF is large real estate company of country. Therefore it has establish in 24 cities in India. Probably, DLF is top Real Estate Company in India. Its market capital is 20334 crores. However, DLF Ltd has 60 years of track record of nonstop growth.

However, company main business in residential, commercial and retail properties. And this company is well known for IT and ITES. But for more details see real estate vs. stock market India. Hence, check list of Real Estate list in NSE and BSE exchange

Oberoi Realty

Similarly, Oberoi Realty is real estate based in Mumbai. It was started in 2006 and also promotes education and medical facilities. Moreover, at first built in 1980 as Oberoi Constructions. Therefore it has been listed on Bombay Stock Exchange in 2010.

Furthermore, Oberoi Realty has strong plans for upcoming projects. But in various parts of Mumbai and other regions. However, company has built growth through quality factor. And Oberoi Realty is keep best relations with builders and customers.

Prestige Group

Therefore company started their process with single project in 1986. And company has now complete more than 200 projects. But in 2016 company won awards of premium Villa Project of year. Because, in India only company to receive Crisal DA1 Developer Rating. In addition, like residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors.

Housing Development & Infrastructure Limited (HDIL)

HDIL has established as one of real estate develops companies. Therefore, HDIL is public listed real estate company in India. And these shares traded on BSE & NSE Stock Exchanges. Moreover, HDIL has also diversified into energy, hospitality and expansion of SEZs. However, major projects consist of apartments and towers. Along with that, they also built office and multiplex cinemas. Hence, HDIL group has complete projects more than 100 million sq feet in real estate section.

Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties is best real estate companies in India. And company is Establish in 1990. But first real estate company to receive ISO certification. In addition, company has won more than 150 awards. Its headquarters is located Mumbai. Moreover, company is listed in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). And also has ISO certification in India.


However, this company was known as Sobha Developers.  And its headquarters is in Bangalore. Probably, company is known its construction. But, it develop and will sale real estate projects. Therefore it undertakes residential areas and housing projects

India bulls real

Similarly, company’s head office is located in Gurgaon and corporate office in Mumbai. Therefore India bulls are found in 1999. Moreover, India bulls Housing Limited, India bulls Ventures Limited. In addition, like India bulls Real Estate Limited are few companies. And it was started in year 2005 to work on projects relates to residential and commercial.

However, company is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange. And it has market value of 2613.10 crores. But it recognize as one of best real estate companies in India. Therefore company is located in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.


This company has established across 27 cities of country. Moreover, their project includes Group Housing, Shopping malls, Hotel Projects. And its head office located in New Delhi. But their market value is 2438.98 crores. Hence, this company is rich in real estate companies in India.

PNC Infratech

PNC Infratech is found in year 1999. And company has known for various projects. Such as bridges construction, airport, and highways. In addition, like flyovers and power transmission lines. Because, company has established in Rajasthan, UP, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. Therefore company market value is 1936.25 crores. But one of most reliable and popular real estate companies in world.


Therefore this company found in year 1986 by M. R. Jaishankar. And in south India it is one of major real estate groups. But its head office located in Bangalore. In addition, it has complete more than 100 projects. Like retail facilities, luxury apartments, SEZs, resorts, clubs, schools and 5 star hotels. Probably, company has award with housing projects in Bangalore. Hence, market value is about 1676.62 Crore.

Finally, see top 20 real estate companies in India. Probably, check real estate returns historical. Therefore see real estate vs. stock market returns. Moreover, to know more details best real estate stocks in India. Hence, see real estate stocks India.

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