Mobile Banking Features, Advantages and Registration

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Mobile banking now a days is another best option in banking. And because of mobile banking you do not worry about many things. As you use banking options from your phone only. Thus it is easy for you to transfer money from one account to another account. However to use mobile banking your bank should have mobile banking options.

Mobile banking registration

There is another term here and it is mobile banking registration. You must register for mobile banking. Moreover it is mandatory for you to register for mobile banking. As only after that you use mobile banking features.

What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is another service that bank offers. Even financial institutions offer mobile banking options. Because of this option you use mobile phone to continue with your financial transactions. Additionally it is better if you use either tablet or smart phone.

Mobile banking app

Many banks have mobile banking app. You can download this app to bank on mobile. Further this mobile banking app works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thus you do not worry about time of transaction.

On other hand there are some banks which have limits on use of mobile banking features. While these restrictions are number of accounts you can use. Similarly there is limitation on amount that you can transfer to another account. Therefore it is best if you contact your bank and read instructions carefully before using mobile banking options.

Apart from above things mobile banking has other banking options. It is so because banks focus on mobile banking updates and thus they help all customers. You can now keep reading to know about these functions of mobile banking. You can also know more about retail banking.

List of mobile banking services

  • You can check mini statements
  • Check account history
  • Real time stock quotes
  • Check remote deposit
  • Monitor term deposits
  • Pay third parties
  • Bill payments
  • Get access to loan statements
  • Complaint submission
  • Complaint tracking
  • Fund transfers between linked account of all customers
  • Credit card or debit card status

Other mobile banking services features

  • Third party fund transfers
  • Alert or notification on account activity
  • Mutual funds statements
  • Cheque book requests
  • ATM locator
  • Equity statements
  • Access to loan statements
  • Mortgage approval
  • Security prices alert and notifications
  • Insurance policy management
  • Loyalty related offers
  • Exchange data messages and other email related to your account
  • General information
  • Statements copies

Things to know about mobile banking

You must know one more thing and it is that mobile banking option will be different from one bank to another bank. On other hand there are some more advantages of mobile banking. You get to use safe and a secure banking option.

You also get alerts on exciting offers as well. Some times banks also send discount offers on your registered mobile number. Usually all banks have made mobile banking app in such a manner that the banking services are available to all.

There is another reason also here. And this reason is that you use banking services without internet as well. Therefore use of mobile banking is best option now a days. Even registering for mobile banking is simple process.

In addition it is better that you follow your banks instructions for this. Also learn about retail banking advantages and disadvantages here.

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