National Thermal Power Corporation Dividend History

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NTPC LTD is largest power generating company in India in terms of capacity and generated output. But company is engaged in business of generation and sale of bulk power. However, see NTPC share price future. Therefore, company has two segments like generation and other business. Hence, check NTPC interim dividend 2017.

History of NTPC

On November 7, 1975 NTPC was integrated as private limited company. But with name National Thermal Power Corporation Pvt Ltd. Because, in September 30, 1976 private word was deleted in company’s name. Therefore this notification issued by GOI exempting government companies. Hence , Company contributed 28.6% of total power generation of India.

However, company operates their stations at level of efficiency that exceeds in India. And based upon availability factor and plant load factor (PLF). In September 30, 1985 Company has converted from private limited company into public limited company. Furthermore, this became one of first PSUs to issue bonds in debt market.

In October 2004, company launched their initial public offering (IPO) consists of 5.25% as fresh issue. And 5.25% as offer for sale by government of India. Hence, company became listed company in November 2004 with government holding 89.5% of equity share capital.NTPC reflects diversification of their business operations beyond thermal power generation.

Therefore NTPC has already project into consultancy, power trading and coal mining. However, NTPC has adopted multi-divided growth. In addition, such as expansion of existing stations, joint ventures and subsidiaries. Moreover, NTPC has been operating its plants at high efficiency levels.

NTPC generates power from Coal and Gas. Furthermore, Ntpc is largest five companies in India in terms of market capitalization. In addition, like Oil and gas exploration and coal mining. Probably, other business contains consultancy, project management and supervision.

Similarly, NTPC is largest major power generating in country. It has also diversified into hydro power, coal mining, and oil & gas exploration. In addition, like power trading & distribution. Therefore company name was changed to reflect diversification of business. For further information it includes services, market of each segment and growth. In addition, like technology, market and capacity build up.

Dividend Summary

March 2016, year end, NTPC has declared an equity dividend of 33.50 %. Therefore, dividend declares as Rs.3.35 amount per share. Moreover, current share price of Rs 158.65 and dividend yield of 2.11%. Probably, company has good dividend track report. And dividends declared have constantly for last 5 years. Hence, as per Profit and Loss account.

However, NTPC LTD has informed BSE by Board of Directors on May 29th 2017. In meeting Company has recommend final dividend of Rs.2.17 per equity share for financial year 2016.17. Therefore, final dividend is addition to interim dividend of Rs.2.61 per equity share paid in Feb 2017. Hence, it is subject to approval of shareholders. And find below list of NTPC dividend history from 2005 to 17.

Dividend Date Record Date Dividend % Dividend Type
15-Feb-17 16-Feb-17 26.1 Interim
8-Sep-16 10-Sep-16 17.5 Final
5-Feb-16 8-Feb-16 16 Interim
3-Sep-15 7-Sep-15 17.5 Final
4-Feb-15 5-Feb-15 7.5 Interim
13-Aug-14 15-Aug-14 17.5 Final
31-Jan-14 3-Feb-14 40 Interim
5-Sep-13 7-Sep-13 12.5 Special
5-Sep-13 7-Sep-13 7.5 Final
1-Mar-13 4-Mar-13 37.5 Interim
6-Sep-12 8-Sep-12 5 Final
31-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 35 Interim
8-Sep-11 10-Sep-11 8 Final
4-Feb-11 7-Feb-11 30 Interim
8-Sep-10 11-Sep-10 8 Final
18-Mar-10 19-Mar-10 30 Interim
3-Sep-09 5-Sep-09 8 Final
29-Jan-09 30-Jan-09 28 Interim
28-Aug-08 30-Aug-08 8 Final
4-Feb-08 5-Feb-08 27 Interim
30-Aug-07 1-Sep-07 8 Final
2-Feb-07 5-Feb-07 24 Interim
30-Aug-06 1-Sep-06 8 Dividend
13-Feb-06 14-Feb-06 20 Interim
8-Sep-05 10-Sep-05 12 Final
25-Feb-05 28-Feb-05 12 Interim

Finally, see NTPC dividend credit date. However, check record date and ex-dividend date of NTPC. Therefore, it is listed on BSE and NSE exchange. And for more details see features of NTPC debentures. In addition, this is 24th consecutive year that NTPC has paid dividend. Hence, see benefits of Issuing Bonus Debentures to Shareholders.

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