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Video advertising is the new kind of advertising gimmick being put in to use by the marketing strategists. However, to ensure that video advertisements suit the product apart from the criteria, it becomes necessary for all to understand the finer aspects of advertisement campaigns. It is here that AdHive comes in to play wherein it is benefits galore for both advertisers and the bloggers. To help you further we listed out the rewards of being a part of AdHive.

Advantages of AdHive for the Bloggers

AdHive has been built in a way that it benefits both the bloggers and the advertisers. To help you understand the benefits that advertisers along with bloggers get through AdHive, we listed out some of them below; you can continue reading to know about them –

~ As a blogger, you get orders on a regular basis.

~ There is guarantee of payment.

~ You are eligible to access numerous advertising campaigns.

~ Monetise your blog through a transparent mechanism.

~ Rewards given on daily basis or in advance mode.

~ Video bloggers back you in order to help you out with the monetising techniques.

~ Be capable of making native advertisements.

~ In addition, there is option for bloggers to have a control on the advertisements as in where all can they post it in real time.

Hence, with these and similar benefits to come in the future, AdHive makes it easier for bloggers to gain a lot from the way they put in to use technological aspects.

List of Advantages for the Advertisers

On one hand where bloggers are benefitted from the placement of ads among other things; advertisers would not be left far behind. It is so because, AdHive takes care of the fact that all the things are in place. It is due to such a plan of action that AdHive, which turns out to be the first AI – powered platform for the native video advertising has become a reality.

Benefits of AdHive for Advertisers

~ Get to analyse video channels.

~ Assessment is going to be in the best form for the video ad campaign and its working.

~ Final report will be made on the reviews taken from community.

~ Only when ads are placed in a right way that the payment is valid.

~ As an advertiser, there is no requirement for you to speak to bloggers regarding terms, pay and reports. It is so because all of this will be taken care of by the people behind this venture.

~ Production costs would not be involved.

~ Chances are more for collection of the user content.

~ Gain access to audience of different age groups.

~ There are chances of having the links on the public pages of a blogger.

~ Such a technique raises the effect of outreach. But this is going to be only on the social network pages of a blogger.

~ AdHive conducts reviews because it is through reviews only that we can know the facts.

~ As of now, it may be quite an impossible as well as a tedious task to track online broadcasts but with technology, each thing will be in place and tracking would not be a hurdle any more.

~ People from different age groups will become participants.

~ An individual can run multi – national campaigns.

~ To connect with the audience on a larger scale, there is going to be a ‘video ad creation’ in the regional languages as well.

~ Finally, community members play a key role in reviewing the AI because it is this only that will help us notice the simple fact that placing of the advertisement is in a right way.

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