NMDC Dividend History

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NMDC is largest iron ore producer by volume in India. Therefore company is engaged in exploration of range of minerals. Like iron, copper, diamond, lime stone etc. And see latest dividend announcements by NMDC. Moreover, for more details nmdc dividend 2017 record date. Hence, check nmdc dividend 2017.

Introduction of NMDC LTD

NMDC Ltd was incorporated on November 15, 1958 as Government Company. And it is called National Mineral Development Corporation Pvt Ltd. But in year 1959-60 company name changed from National Mineral Development Corporation Pvt Ltd to National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. Company sells most of their high grade iron ore production to the Indian domestic steel market.

Therefore Nmdc is state controlled mining company. And it headquarters in Hyderabad. Probably, NMDC market cap is 354.6B. But it is trading at P/E ratio of 5.51. Moreover, NMDC is company paying high dividend in Indian stock market.  But dividend yield ratio is 9.54%. Hence, view NMDC ex date of divided.

You must have this debt free company in your portfolio. Because high dividend yield ratio around 9 % is good annual return for an investor. Therefore you will cover your cost in 7 years. Moreover, company is having sufficient cash balances in its balance sheet. Hence, it helps it to grow faster than any other stocks in India stock market.

Similarly, NMDC is trading with huge volume in both stock exchanges. Like NSE and BSE exchanges.  Because, Nmdc is public sector undertaking. And it has been free cash flow generating company for last ten years. Hence, check nmdc dividend record date 2016. See NMDC interim dividend date and NMDC dividend announcement.

Dividend declaration and payment process

However, this process is more or less same for all listed or unlisted companies. But first board of directors approves dividend payout. And this comes as percentage of face value or Rs per share. Therefore from two year company paid dividend of Rs 8 per share. In addition, 52% of annual profits have been paid out as dividends.

Probably, government squeezed public sector firms for more payouts. And dividend increased in recent years. Therefore sales also increased by 18% in last year. But see nmdc dividend payout date. In addition see dividend history-payout amount. And check interim dividend from last 10 years. See NMDC dividend payment date.

Hence, you can see fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. Therefore you can benefit from both short-term and long-term trading bets. But it is based on your risk appetite. You can view NMDC share price in NSE and BSE exchange.

Dividend Summary

However, for March 2016 year end, NMDC has declared an equity dividend of 1100.00% amount to Rs 11 per share. Therefore at current share price of Rs 111.20 shows dividend yield of 9.89%. Moreover, company has good dividend track report. And it has continues dividend declare for last 5 years.

Hence, for more details see nmdc dividend yield. However, check nmdc dividend 2016. You find below NMDC Ltd dividend history since 2005-17. And also see NMDC bonus history. But you can view NMDC ex dividend date. Therefore see top dividend paying stocks all time.

Announcement Date Ex Dividend Date Dividend (%) Dividend Type
7-Mar-17 16-Mar-17 415 Interim 1
19-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 150 Interim 2
12-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 950 Interim 1
28-May-15 21-Sep-15 130 Final
6-Feb-15 18-Feb-15 425 Interim 2
31-Oct-14 13-Nov-14 300 Interim
10-Feb-14 17-Feb-14 550 Interim 2
24-Oct-13 7-Nov-13 300 Interim
29-May-13 19-Sep-13 400 Final
13-Feb-13 28-Feb-13 100 Interim 2
7-Nov-12 22-Nov-12 200 Interim 1
28-May-12 13-Sep-12 250 Final
31-Jan-12 9-Feb-12 100 Interim 2
31-Oct-11 17-Nov-11 100 Interim
27-May-11 15-Sep-11 215 Final
1-Feb-11 10-Feb-11 115 Interim
22-May-10 29-Jul-10 100 Final
25-Jan-10 4-Feb-10 75 Interim
29-May-09 20-Aug-09 118 Final
28-Jan-09 18-Feb-09 103 Interim 1
16-May-08 4-Aug-08 54 Final
30-Jan-08 30-Jan-08 231 Interim 2
25-Oct-07 1-Nov-07 100 Interim 1
31-May-07 14-Aug-07 85 Final
9-Jan-07 18-Jan-07 190 Interim 2
1-Nov-06 19-Oct-06 77 Interim
16-May-06 14-Jul-06 84.29 Final
2-Feb-06 2-Feb-06 115.4 Interim
2-Feb-06 21-Nov-05 76.93 Interim
1-Feb-05 4-Jul-05 76 Final

Finally see latest financial fact sheet of NMDC LTD. However, for more details check NMDC LTD quarterly results. And also view NMDC LTD share price and chart. In addition, check NMDC Share dividend. Hence, see highest dividend paying stocks last 10 years.

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