Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Dividend History

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ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd) is India’s leading oil & gas exploration company. ONGC has produced more than 600 Million tons of crude oil. And also supplied more than 200 billion of gas. Further to development of Oil and gas in India. See ONGC company information. For better understand list of ONGC products and services.

Introduction of ONGC

Therefore ministry of Natural Resources and scientific research set up Oil and Natural Gas Commission in 1956. Moreover, main function is to plan, promote, and organize for develop petroleum resources. Hence, see ongc dividend 2016 payment date. You can also view ONGC bonus history.

ONGC dividend history

ONGC is an Indian Oil exploration company. And this company owned by government of India. But as stock it has very long history of dividends. Moreover, company has solid business and highly consistent cash flow.  If you are an Indian investor focusing on dividends. Therefore it was strange if you do not hold shares of ONGC. You can see few great Indian companies which have paid continue dividends.

However, you can hold ONGC and another oil explorer for long term investments. And see ONGC’s dividends, frequency of payout, payout ratios and all related information. In addition, ONGC hold long term portfolio for primary purpose of dividend income.

Dividend Rate (%)

Therefore, ONGC is known to be regular dividend payer. And this notion is validated by data. Because, it has paying dividends for more than 10 years. Moreover, it shows dividend rates (as % of face value). Similarly, it is great thing that dividends have constantly rising from last 5 years. Hence, see latest ONGC dividend news.

Dividend Payout Ratio (%)

Further, company with high dividend payout ratio has two things. This means company has no future investment plans and not able to continue. In addition, ONGC for last 10 years has maintained very stable payout ratio of 40%. And it shares 40% of its earning with investors as dividends. Probably, this shows that company is balancing its growth and wealth on regular basis.

Policy of Dividend

Similarly, company dividend policies are two factors.

Factors while deciding dividends: It considers future capital costs plans and profits earned in financial year. In addition, like raising funds from other sources, cash flow position and including tax on dividends. Check oil India dividend 2016.  Hence, to know more see ONGC share price bonus. For more information view ONGC board meeting date

Therefore as per government guidelines all profit making in oil sector. It must declare higher dividend of 30% minimum on equity. Since company has maintained 40% payout ratio for last 10 years. So it is safe to assume that company will maintain in future. Hence, great companies increase their earnings over years. And dividend also increases in every year. See ONGC bonus new.

How many times Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd pays dividend in year

In last 8 years ONGC has paid dividend twice every year.  However, interim dividend is paid in December.  And this is followed by final dividend paid in September. You can see all dividend payout by ONGC in last 12 years.

Dividend in 2016-17

In meeting board of directors of ONGC company. It has suggested final dividend at Rs.0.80 per equity share of Rs. 5 each for financial year 2016-17. You can find below list of dividend of ONGC from 2003 to 2017. See Ongc dividend and bonus history.

Dividend Date Record Date Dividend % Interim / Final / Dividend
7-Feb-17 8-Feb-17 45 Interim
3-Nov-16 5-Nov-16 90 Interim
31-Aug-16 2-Sep-16 65 Final
16-Mar-16 17-Mar-16 15 Interim
10-Nov-15 13-Nov-15 90 Interim
7-Sep-15 9-Sep-15 10 Final
24-Mar-15 25-Mar-15 80 Interim
16-Dec-14 17-Dec-14 100 Interim
11-Sep-14 13-Sep-14 5 Final
27-Mar-14 29-Mar-14 85 Interim
10-Dec-13 11-Dec-13 100 Interim
17-Sep-13 19-Sep-13 10 Final
22-Mar-13 25-Mar-13 80 Interim
24-Dec-12 26-Dec-12 100 Interim
14-Sep-12 18-Sep-12 40 Final
19-Mar-12 20-Mar-12 30 Interim
6-Jan-12 9-Jan-12 125 Interim
18-Aug-11 23-Aug-11 15 Final
20-Dec-10 21-Dec-10 320 Interim
9-Sep-10 14-Sep-10 150 Final
22-Dec-09 23-Dec-09 180 Interim
11-Sep-09 15-Sep-09 140 Final
23-Dec-08 24-Dec-08 180 Interim
8-Sep-08 10-Sep-08 140 Final
26-Dec-07 27-Dec-07 180 Interim
10-Sep-07 12-Sep-07 130 Final
27-Dec-06 28-Dec-06 180 Interim
6-Sep-06 8-Sep-06 200 Final
27-Dec-05 28-Dec-05 250 Interim
1-Sep-05 5-Sep-05 200 Final
28-Dec-04 29-Dec-04 200 Interim
2-Sep-04 6-Sep-04 100 Final
3-Feb-04 4-Feb-04 140 Interim
11-Sep-03 15-Sep-03 130 Final
31-Jan-03 4-Feb-03 170 Interim

Finally, see list of most recent dividends from companies. Therefore check out record date and ex bonus date. However, check ONGC dividend 2017 payment date. Hence, view ONGC interim dividend history. For more details see ONGC dividend policy.

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