Page Industries Limited Dividend History

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Page industries operate in apparel industry. And it distributes sport & leisure for men and women. Moreover, see latest financial fact sheet of Page Industries. Therefore Page Company is set up in 1994 with key objective of bringing brand to India. Probably, for more details see the Page Industries quarterly results. Hence, check Page Industries share price and chart.

History of Page Industries Ltd

However, it became public company in March 2007. And is quoted on Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. Probably, company is located in Bangalore. But company distributes jockey brand innerwear for men and women. Hence, read our textiles sector report.

Therefore Page Industries exports underwear and sportswear worldwide. Page industries plans to expand trade business over India. And it is incorporated on November 15, 1994 as private limited company. But company is changed to Page Industries Private Limited. Therefore company became public company on September 6, 2006.

Probably, company is engaged in business of manufacturing and trading of garments. Furthermore, company offers range of products for men, women and children. See page industries bonus history. Hence, for better understand see page industries results. And you can also check page industries share price history.

Page Company enjoys unique distinctions in market. Therefore this manufacturer and distributor of innerwear brands. And it has managed to outperform sensex for past seven years. Since it has been listed.  Probably, stocks have delivered compound annual growth of 61 %. Since March 2007.

However, company has also paid huge dividend over years. And dividend payout is more than 48% of its net profit in past seven years.  Therefore company derives its strength from its market leadership position in branded innwear segments. But these products are fast growing premium and mid price segments. Further it maintains its high dividend payouts. Because it has strong distribution network.

Dividend history for Page Industries Limited

Therefore Page Industries limited has declared 38 dividends since Aug 27, 2007. But from past 12 month page industries has declare an equity dividend amount to Rs.100.00 per share. So dividend yield is 0.56%. Hence, look at page industries annual report. And you can check dividend page.

However, Page Industries has declared an interim dividend of Rs 25 per share of FV of Rs 10 each. Therefore date fixed for dividends payment is on February 28, 2017. Moreover company stock on February 9, 2017 opened in green. In the last one year stock has given return of 21.73%. And it is trading with a P/E of 66.48.

Hence, from past 12 months company average Dividends per Share Growth Rate is 18.50% per year.  But in past 3 years average Dividends per Share Growth Rate was 18.30% per year. And from 5 years average Dividends per Share Growth Rate is 23.90% per year.

Summary on Dividend

Page Industries announce by Company Board of Directors on 10 November 2016. And it has declared payment of Second Interim Dividend of Rs. 25 per share on an equity share value of Rs. 10 each. Therefore date fixed for payment of dividend is on 30 November 2016.

In addition, page industries ltd has informed exchange that final dividend of Rs. 24 per share. But it recommend by board of director of company on May 24, 2016. And pay out date for final dividend shall be on Aug31, 2016.

Probably, page industries have declared an equity dividend of 850.00% amount to Rs 85 per share for March 2016. And dividend yield is 0.48%. But company has good divided track report. However, company declares dividend continues from last 5 years. Hence, find below Page Industries dividend history from 2007-17.

Announcement Date Effective Date Dividend % Dividend type
25-May-17 1-Jun-17 260 Interim 1
9-Feb-17 16-Feb-17 250 Interim 3
10-Nov-16 17-Nov-16 250 Interim 2
24-May-16 3-Aug-16 240 Final
24-May-16 31-May-16 220 Interim 1
12-Feb-16 17-Feb-16 210 Interim 3
9-Nov-15 16-Nov-15 210 Interim 2
28-May-15 5-Aug-15 200 Final
28-May-15 4-Jun-15 190 Interim 1
12-Feb-15 16-Feb-15 180 Interim 3
10-Nov-14 17-Nov-14 180 Interim 2
29-May-14 5-Aug-14 160 Final
29-May-14 4-Jun-14 160 Interim 1
12-Feb-14 17-Feb-14 150 Interim 3
14-Nov-13 21-Nov-13 150 Interim 2
30-May-13 30-Jul-13 140 Final
30-May-13 5-Jun-13 140 Interim 1
14-Feb-13 20-Feb-13 140 Interim 3
8-Nov-12 15-Nov-12 120 Interim 2
30-May-12 13-Jul-12 100 Final
30-May-12 5-Jun-12 100 Interim 1
9-Feb-12 15-Feb-12 100 Interim 3
10-Nov-11 16-Nov-11 120 Interim 2
27-May-11 1-Aug-11 40 Final
27-May-11 2-Jun-11 50 Interim 1
11-Feb-11 17-Feb-11 40 Interim 3
12-Nov-10 18-Nov-10 80 Interim 2
14-Jun-10 18-Jun-10 100 Interim 1
29-Jan-10 3-Feb-10 60 Interim
30-Oct-09 4-Nov-09 60 Interim 3
15-Jun-09 22-Jul-09 30 Final
15-Jun-09 19-Jun-09 20 Interim 2
9-Apr-09 15-Apr-09 70 Interim
30-Jan-09 4-Feb-09 40 Interim
25-Oct-08 3-Nov-08 40 Interim
2-Jun-08 9-Jun-08 60 Interim
30-Jan-08 4-Feb-08 40 Interim 2
20-Aug-07 27-Aug-07 60 Interim

Finally, see unpaid dividend list. However, for better understand check how to claim unclaimed dividend. Therefore see page industries of share dividend. And also see dividend announcement and new by Page industries.

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