Power Grid Dividend History

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Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd is India’s electric power transmission company.  Therefore company is engaged in transmission of power across different states of India. And it owns and operates large network of transmission lines and infrastructure. But, for more details see power grid corp quarterly result. Hence, check power grid share split.

 Introduction of Power Grid Corporation

However, Power grid was built-in on October 23, 1989. And it named as National Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. Moreover, company has well-known with task of planning, executing. In addition, like operating and maintaining high voltage program systems.

Therefore Power Grid Corp is in Power Generation and Distribution sector. However, current market capitalization stands at Rs.109, 994.17 crore. But, Power Grid establish is an infrastructure investment trust. Because, to own inter-state power transmission assets in India.

Moreover, power grid is largest power broadcast utilities in world. Therefore, it manages and run by Ministry of power government of India. Hence, see Power Grid dividend 2017. Probably, Power Grid Corporation is Indian government owned public sector enterprise. Because, PGCIL is in business of transmission of electric power in India.

Similarly, objects of issue are to achieve benefits of listing on stock exchanges. And to raise capital for execute of certain transmission projects. Therefore Power Grid will list on BSE and NSE on stock exchanges. Probably, listing of instrument enables promoters of Infrastructure to assets. Hence, also raise funds for long term projects.

Dividend history for Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

However, power Grid Corporation of India Limited has declared 18 dividends Since March 10, 2008. Moreover, in past 12 months power Grid Corporation has confirmed an equity dividend to Rs.1.00 per share. Probably, current share price of Rs.210.15 show result in dividend yield of 0.48 %. But, for adjusting for Bonus/splits dividend yield is 0.48 %.

Dividend History

Therefore company has maintain an average dividend yield of 1.82 % over last 5 financial years. Because, company has good dividend track report. And also dividends declared every time from last 5 years. Hence, see power grid dividend yield. Furthermore, see power grid corporation bonus shares. Moreover, you can check latest power grid corporation news.

Summary of Dividend

Similarly, Power Grid has declared an equity dividend of 23.10% for year end March 2016. Therefore it also confirm to Rs.2.31 per share. But current share price of Rs 208.00 shows results in dividend yield of 1.11%. Hence, see latest financial sheet of Power Grid. And you can find below list of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd dividend history from 2008 to 17.

Announcement Date Ex Dividend Date Dividend (%) Dividend Type
9-Feb-17 16-Feb-17 10 Interim
26-May-16 8-Sep-16 15.1 Final
27-Jan-16 3-Feb-16 8 Interim
30-May-15 7-Sep-15 13.1 Final
4-Mar-15 9-Mar-15 6.9 Interim
29-May-14 4-Sep-14 13.1 Final
27-Feb-14 4-Mar-14 12.7 Interim
28-May-13 5-Sep-13 11.4 Final
12-Feb-13 15-Feb-13 16.1 Interim
29-May-12 5-Sep-12 13.1 Final
8-Feb-12 13-Feb-12 8 Interim
24-May-11 6-Sep-11 12.5 Final
8-Feb-11 11-Feb-11 5 Interim
26-May-10 7-Sep-10 10 Final
7-Jan-10 11-Jan-10 5 Interim
16-Jun-09 21-Aug-09 7 Final
28-Jan-09 4-Feb-09 5 Interim
19-Jun-08 1-Sep-08 7 Final
5-Mar-08 10-Mar-08 5 Interim

Finally, to know more details read power sector report. However, you can also look dividend history payout amount in last 10 years. In addition, like interim dividend and latest dividend announcement by power grid. Hence, for better understand view Power Grid Corp share price and chart.

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