How to prevent credit card fraud

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Credit card fraud takes place every day in so many ways. You cannot prevent it from happening and you can create problem to get hold of your cards and card numbers. Also, you keep checking on your cards and statements. There are simple ways used to avoid credit card fraud or by keeping your credit cards safe from thieves. For this you must leave all your credit cards at home. Below are some Steps to Prevent Credit Card Fraud.

How does Credit Card Fraud happen?

You will find credit card fraud and theft in world. By few practices in your daily life can keep your cards and account numbers safe.  Never lend your credit card information to anyone including friends or family members. Place your credit cards in purse or wallet close to your body where no one can snatch away.

It is important to know about your credit card statement at all times. Keep them at home in safe place. You can opt for electronic statement instead of paper copies. If your credit card lost you can register your complaint with police. You can see Difference between Credit Report and Credit Score

These days many people do shopping and banking on web. With all those account numbers and passwords it is easy for someone to steal your information. So you must change your login and password monthly.

Steps to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

  • Do not trust any emails and phone calls that ask for your personal information. Call your bank or credit card Company to verify any inquiries. Avoid giving your credit card information
  • Be safe with your credit card online. Use when you shop online using your credit card than debit cards. You can freeze your credit card and report fast than on debit card.
  • Check your credit card report and open your bill statement as soon as you get. You settle your card account every month.
  • Never lend your credit card to anyone.
  • Save all receipts to compare with your statement
  • During transaction keep your eye on your card. Make sure you get it back before you walk away.
  • Always destroy receipts by cutting them into small pieces.
  • Never put your card number on postcard
  • Do not sign blank credit card receipt
  • Always verify amount on your credit card receipt before signing it.
  • Do not give your credit card number to anyone.
  • Report your lost or stolen credit card immediately.
  • Every month review your billing statement
  • Make strong passwords and keep them safe.
  • Never leave your cards at work. There are more thefts in workplace than in single location.
  • Always check your card after buying.

Be positive about protecting your identity. Use common sense when you give personal information because hackers steal valuable credit card information from shopping websites. Such crimes go unreported because companies do not want to involve police. Check 5 Steps to save money with credit cards

They fear it might damage their reputation. Lot of these frauds happen by revealing private information over phone. Many companies have toll-free number and 24 hour service to deal such situation. Depending on situation you need to file complaint with FTC and your local police.

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