Pundi X Mobile App, Pundi X card, Pundi X Platform and Pundi X Blockchain

Pundi X

Pundi – Pundi application is one of the latest additions to the world of cryptocurrency. And like many of you know that there are crypto currencies across the globe which are gaining popularity by the passage of time. However there is a glitch in case of crypto currencies and this is how to handle crypto currencies. Thus Pundi X comes in to the picture to resolve these issues in the form of pundi mobile wallet, pundi platform and pundi contactless smart card.

Link of cryptocurrencies with Pundi X app

Pundi X app or Pundi – Pundi application finds its base in crypto currency only as introduction of Pundi app happened so that individuals can make use of these currencies in real time. Some of you might very well know that there are many crypto currencies in the market such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Monero etc. Collecting these currencies was easy but using them to buy food or pay utilities was the most difficult part. Hence Pundi Pundi came up with an application that permits people to sell or buy cryptocurrencies.

Solution to cryptocurrency use in real time

Pundi X is going forward in the form of decentralized offline crypto currencies sales network. In this way all transaction data will be live on the blockchain. Moreover to make things simple and easily relatable, Pundi X turned offline due to POS or point of sale devices. These POS devices are very useful in terms of buying or selling crypto currencies.

Apart from above things Pundi X has clearly detailed various solutions for the benefit of its users so that no one is in confusion regarding how to make use of this Pundi – Pundi app that aims to provide user – friendly tools for all the users of Pundi. Below you find in – detailed explanation of how these three things namely – Pundi X Mobile App, Pundi X Card and Pundi X Platform come up to bring the best out of people.

What is Pundi X mobile app?

Pundi X mobile app or application is smart phone app that can buy BTC, ETH, PXS or LTC and other cryptocurrency by card or cash. It can also sell Ethereum, Bitcoins, PXS and LTC among other cryptocurrencies for cash. On other hand there is a possibility for you to buy services or other utilities with the help of this crypto currency besides topping up fiat money in digital wallets. In the same way there is Pundi X card which you can read about below.

Pundi X card description

As the name says it, Pundi X card is a card made solely for becoming a multi – currency wallet and this is especially for fiat apart from crypto currencies. There are many uses of this card as Pundi X card eases payments facilities whenever crypto currencies are in question. This generally is the case when payments make use of NFC as well as contactless technology.

What is Pundi X platform?

Another of the key things as far as Pundi is concerned is Pundi X platform which performs both as a software and a hardware store. Thus it is known as POS or Point of Sale device function. You would find this reference implementation software / hardware or Pundi X Platform with retailers or also at other convenience stores.

There are some more plans to make this platform available for people around the world. To do this, distribution of platform will happen through open source licensing. In addition distribution of open API and SDKS is also in the pipeline. All this is possible due to the Pundi X blockchain which we have discussed below and you would get to have information about the same here.

Pundi X Blockchain

Pundi X blockchain is an integral part of Pundi X application besides Pundi X Card, Pundi X mobile app and Pundi X platform. It is so because without Pundi X blockchain you can never use point of sale devices at various convenience stores. Here you remember one of the most important things and it is that all Pundi X POS (point of sale) devices connect to Ethereum blockchain.

This connection is established by XPlugins and due to this wherever there is Pundi X POS device it gets automatically joined to Ethereum blockchain. In this way you do not have to worry if developers are connected or not because with XPlugins there is automatic connection of devices. So connection of physical outlet (read POS devices) is always there or developers also stay in contact with Pundi X network for making transactions easier than before.

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