Pundi X road map | Use of Pundi – Pundi application in real time sale

Pundi X is one of those few things that are available in the market and blockchain developers have created such an application to ease out the troubles that generally people face when it comes to crypto currencies. And how will they make use of these crypto currencies is one question that has been haunting folks for time immemorial.

Pundi – Pundi X

Thus to resolve all these queries emerged Pundi – Pundi app that aims at providing real solutions to the people in case of crypto currencies and their use in real time sale. In this article on Pundi – Pundi X our focus is mainly on how does pundi wishes to move forward in terms of its services.

Below, that is the article you read, you would find complete step – by – step guide on start to end (new beginning) of Pundi. You also get to know as to how it will affect the future of crypto currencies besides getting to have a clear idea on road map of Pundi right from its inception to spreading its wings across the globe for betterment of the society.

Use of Pundi – Pundi app

Pundi – Pundi app is one of those few apps available on play store which give helping hand to make use of crypto currencies in real time. And here by real time we mean that you can use Pundi currency to pay your bills including food bills at that restaurant.

In this way you do not carry cash with you but pay using Pundi – Pundi app. It seems similar to an e – wallet that has turned popular by the passing days. But now you can read more about road map of Pundi X so that you are not confused in the future.

Road map of Pundi for the year 2017

  • Official launch of Pundi – Pundi took place in 2017 Q 1
  • More than 60, 000 users registered in 2017 Q 2 while 350 plus merchants joined this new segment
  • In Q 3 of 2017, more than 100, 000 users registered whereas merchants came up to 500 and more than that. It was at the same time that Pundi X ICO preparation began along with setting up of Pundi X Representative Office in Korea
  • On other hand Q 4 of 2017 saw different and will be looking at different developments such as pre – ICO kick started (2017/10/7), ICO begins (2017/11/20), end of ICO (2017/12/19)
  • In the same year, Pundi X POS device is to be spread across the Indonesian market and it will be precisely on 2017/12/30 (there are supposed to be 500 devices at the least) apart from PXS token going to be listed in major exchanges with target being 3 of them

Pundi X plans for 2018

  • 2018 Q 1 will be witnessing following developments – (1) official launch of Pundi X platform where Cryptocurrency Traders as well as Developers will integrate with that of Pundi X RDN or retail distribution network, (2) setting up of branches in Korea besides increase spread of Pundi X POS devices, (3) platform opens up to SDK for mobile payment and e – wallets, (4) branches will be established in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
  • Q 2 of 2018 is the time to enter Canadian market and Asia (3000 to 5000 Pundi X POS devices only for Asia), establishing branches in Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and entering U S market only when regulations allow
  • In Q 3 of 2018, Northern Europe branch will come up and devices spread to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Norway, formation of Pundi X incubation Foundation and system of Pundi X credit rating
  • While in Q 4 of 2018, it plans to become a part of Russian market and it also plans to set up R & D centre (hard ware) in Shenzhen

Pundi – Pundi X road map for 2019 and 2020

  • The first step in 2019 is to enter market in America and setting up South East Block chain R & D centre apart from operation centre
  • While in Q 2 of 2019, it is all about setting up Western Europe branch besides taking devices to Germany, England, Luxembourg, France and The Netherlands
  • In 2019 Q 3, Pundi plans to enter India, Spanish, Portuguese and Romania. It also has some more European countries on its charts. Finally there is going to be pundi credit rating big data in this time
  • As of Q 4 of 2019, there seems to be accumulation of 100, 000 Pundi X POS devices. Pundi also aims to enter not only Africa market but also the Middle East market in the same term
  • At last in 2020 if everything is under control and if regulation permits then pundi has its plans to enter market in China as well. And by this time it has set its sights on gathering of lay out of 200, 000 Pundi X POS devices

Thus by following above stated plan brains behind Pundi are looking at a future where people do not have to worry about carrying or taking care of cashiers and instead just switch to Pundi – Pundi application.

There are already many organisations who have joined hands with Pundi and are on their way to reap benefits; while some of them have already started gaining benefits and you can be one of them. In case still there is confusion then you get to know more about Pundi in future articles here.

Points to remember

In case you wish to know more about Pundi – Pundi app and Pundi X then you can check out official Pundi website as well as whitepaper of Pundi. To help you further we have given below links to official Pundi website.

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