Pundi X token or PXS token release and Pundi ICO token sale

Pundi – Pundi application is one application recently invented which would beyond any doubt solve most of the problems related to crypto currencies. This statement is so because you would be able to now use crypto currencies in real time and it is never going to burn a hole in your pockets. As with Pundi X application you can pay for utilities, groceries or when dining out in restaurants or hotels or eateries which have been provided with Pundi X POS devices.

In this way you will be making use of crypto currencies; however these currencies have to be a part of Pundi X platform. While in this article on Pundi X tokens, PXS token release and Pundi ICO Token sale, our focus has been shifted to the way all these three things work. We also gave clear instructions on how and what kind of discounts you will be acquiring once you are a member of Pundi or when you have started using Pundi X cards in real time. But before you go ahead and know in detail of the concepts stated above, it is undoubtedly an advantage for you to know more about crypto currencies and ICOs.

What are crypto currencies and ICOs?

Crypto currencies aka cryptocurrencies are new age currencies which are slowly yet steadily turning in to digital assets. There are many cryptic currencies in the market but it is Bitcoin that still continues to rule the world of crypto currencies. Some of the famous crypto currencies are Bitcoins, Doge coin, Coinye, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero and Ethereum among others.

These currencies also form a major part in ICOs or Initial Coin Offering. Here ICO or Initial Coin Offering is nothing but a way through which start – ups in various parts of the countries get funds. This kind of fund – raising is a very useful technique because it does not involve the usual methods thereby giving chance to every soul to be a member of a said start – up.

However you have to be careful with the way things work in ICOs and for this you must read a lot about the ICO besides doing a thorough home work. To help you further with the way Pundi – Pundi X tokens work you can read below article. In this article you will also come to know more about Pundi X tokens apart from PXS tokens release schedule.

Pundi X tokens or PXS

Pundi X makes use of tokens and these are known as PXS tokens. These PXS tokens or Pundi X tokens are used by crypto traders, ICO investors, crypto developers as well as trading platforms. And as some of you know Pundi – Pundi app helps digital wallets besides making your life easier than before. In the same way it supports Pundi X wallet API as well.

It is these and similar features that make Pundi – Pundi app one of the best Q R payment application in Indonesia. To help you further below you find details of Pundi X token release besides getting information on what and how will be Pundi ICO token sale in future. By having knowledge of these things it becomes easier for you to continue your journey with Pundi – Pundi app.

Pundi X token release

Pundi X as per the latest ICO trends will be releasing or rather issuing ERC 20 complaint tokens. These tokens will sport a ticker namely ‘PXS’. In this way they, that is to say all token holders will be able to trade PXS like the other ERC 20 tokens. Another advantage here is that you would not have to worry about where exactly should I trade these PXS because all ERC 20 tokens can be traded on exchanges or even privately.

There are many other benefits of PXS tokens such as you getting a chance to avail discounts. So when you shop at stores where Pundi X payments are accepted then you are in for a huge discount. There will be time limit as well and it begins from the time cards have been issued. Additionally PXS token holders get to enjoy these privileges only on one card type.

To help you understand a bit more on how these advantages work, you check below given points as all cards have been categorised here according to their rank followed by discounts –

  • Gold card ranked > 300 and discount is 5 % for one year
  • Platinum card has 5 % discount for 3 years and is ranked between 151 and 300
  • Diamond card is at number three with a rank of 51 to 150 and having discount of 5 % for 5 years while black card has 5 % discount for 10 years and is ranked from 1 to 50

Pundi X ICO details

Now it becomes necessary for readers to find out and to know more about how will Pundi X ICO be in the near future. Below you find in detailed version of what will be the Pundi X token sales weekly. As of week 1 there will be 15 % extra token sales benefits but it changes to 10 % token sales benefits in the following week that is week 2.

In the same manner week 3 will have 5 % total PXS token sales benefits however it remains at 0 when talk is around the fourth week. Hence it is always better that all investors visit Pundi X website before ICO begins in order to pre – register at the site. In this way they gain some more benefits on the amount being vowed for.

What is ICO hard cap?

ICO hard cap is another aspect in this Pundi – Pundi application and it would be a plus point if you are aware on the way things work here. It is so because number of tokens raised through ICO or initial coin offering is going to have an impact on total number of Pundi X POS device distributed across the stores. In following paragraph you get complete information about these ICOs hard caps –

  • 100, 000 POS machines will be distributed if 70, 000 ETH is raised
  • A total of 220, 000 Pundi X POS machines are for 140, 000 ETH whereas for 375, 000 POS machines 210, 000 ETH have to be raised
  • And for the above two statements marginal cost of POS devices is said to decrease as and when there is a rise in the number
  • However when 280, 000 ETH have been raised then total number of POS machines will be 700, 000 and this also tells us that the end of ICO is near

Pundi X PXS release scheme details

You have to keep it in mind that systems under Pundi will be accepting only Ethereum or ETH. This situation continues through ICO. On official website you can see that 1 ETH value is 500 PXS. PXS token sale will begin from 1st December 2017. On other hand as for implementation of token release scheme, all token holders are eligible to execute smart contract.

They can do this every month between 1st and 10th (of the month). Such a step must be taken only in ERC 20 supported wallets so that you know exactly how much PXS tokens are there in your wallet. These tokens are generally from previous month only apart from allowing you to claim bonus tokens. Finally you remember that these bonus tokens find their bases in monthly interest rates as well.

Note :

Another important point that you have to remember is that PXS tokens release scheme will begin on 1 December 2017 but it also allows people to become token holders. In addition to this token holders who have joined after 30 of November 2017 at 23: 59 hours would be able to avail only thirty five (35) months token release distribution.

Thus you think about all aspects before finally deciding anything about Pundi ICO. For more information on Pundi – Pundi app and Pundi X tokens sale you check out official Pundi website and / or Pundi whitepaper. The site links are as follows –

Pundi website : https://pundix.com/ 

Pundi whitepaper : https://pundix.com/pdf/PundiX_WhitePaper_EN_FinalVer1.pdf

Bitcointalk Forum Profile Link : –https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile

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