How to register for HDFC internet banking

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HDFC bank gives many facilities to its customers and here one of them is HDFC internet banking or net banking. HDFC bank also makes it a simple process for every person to register for net banking in HDFC; in this way you can use different facilities provided by this bank. In case you do not know how to register for internet banking then do not worry as in this article you learn process for HDFC net banking registration for current account.

You also know about HDFC net banking registration for credit card. In other words you know more about how to activate net banking in HDFC online. If at all you have doubt with customer ID then do not worry because you understand all points related to online banking as well.

Uses of HDFC net banking

There are many uses of HDFC net banking and some of them are that you pay your bills such as electricity, DTH, mobile, water or gas bill online. You also can transfer money using RTGS, IMPS or NEFT besides shopping online.

In other words net banking gives you freedom to use net banking options as per your convenience. This kind of banking is also available all days in year so you do not worry about bank timings also. Another important aspect and plus point here is that you can pay taxes online or even request for cheque – book or similar things.

Finally HDFC allows you to book IRCTC tickets using internet, invest in mutual funds or even apply for IPO apart from checking loan details. Now that you know different benefits of internet banking you keep reading this article to know how to register for NetBanking with HDFC bank.


HDFC bank gives NetBanking Registration facility to all HDFC bank customers. But if you did not register for NetBanking then you do not worry as this article helps you to understand complete process of internet banking registration. Further this facility of internet banking is free of charge so you do not pay any amount to use this service.

Learn more about mutual funds in another topic so that you know benefits of mutual funds.

Method 1 to register for net banking with HDFC bank at ATM

  • To continue this process you go to HDFC bank ATM only
  • You enter your HDFC bank debit card number
  • Further you must enter your HDFC ATM card PIN number
  • As soon as you enter these details you find ‘other option’ on screen
  • You click on ‘other option’ and then select ‘NetBanking Registration’ tab
  • To continue this process you select ‘confirm’ option
  • You get IPIN using which you make use of online banking facility


You will get IPIN to mailing address. This IPIN in banking sector is short form for Internet Password. As bank customer you use this password to access NetBanking facilities. Moreover you keep this password a secret as this is for security of your account.

Method 2: online registration for net banking for HDFC

  • For online registration for HDFC online banking you click on following link –
  • This link takes you to official website of HDFC online internet banking registration page
  • At this page you enter Customer ID
  • Next you confirm registered mobile number
  • In next step you enter OTP or One Time Password
  • You will receive this one time password to your registered mobile number
  • After that you can enter your HDFC debit card details
  • Finally you select your IPIN or internet password

Method 3 for net banking registration for HDFC bank account

There is third method that you may use for HDFC net banking registration for either account or card. While for this you get NetBanking registration form in PDF format. Remember that you go only to official site to get this form but for now you may take this form by clicking on following links – OR You carefully fill this form before giving it your HDFC bank branch. You will receive IPIN or internet password to mailing address after process completes.

Method 4: phone – banking option for net banking for HDFC account or card

  • Through phone banking option you can start your experience of online banking
  • But for this you call HDFC phone – banking number
  • This number changes from city to city so you click on – to find HDFC phone – banking number of your city
  • After you click above link you go to official page of HDFC phone banking
  • Here you select state or city and click display
  • When you do this you get phone banking number of that particular state
  • Hence you use this number and give customer ID and debit card plus PIN or telephone identification number / TIN
  • HDFC phone banking agent then takes HDFC net banking registration request from the applicant
  • But you should wait for approximately 5 days before you get a courier with IPIN to mailing address

Hence HDFC is one of those banks that have user friendly steps following which you start experiencing internet banking. But you first remember to register for HDFC internet banking in online or offline mode.

Even checking IFSC codes is simple and easy step as you get to check IFSC codes of different banks on one page. Moreover these codes will help you to when you use NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer and RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement. Thus checking bank branches becomes easy task.

On other hand you understand what is HDFC net banking registration process for current account or for credit card. You also have idea of how to activate net banking in HDFC online or in some other offline mode. And you now have knowledge of what is customer ID in HDFC bank online banking options. Thus these details will be helpful to you in future.


Authorities advise you to keep changing passwords of your accounts so that no one can hack your account and misuse information. Therefore you change your accounts at least once in 10 weeks or little sooner.

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