How to start internet banking for ICICI credit card holders

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ICICI bank allows you to start internet banking and this is only for all credit card holders which means that you use online banking only when you have ICICI bank credit card. In addition process to activate internet banking for credit card holders is different from activating net banking for ICICI bank account. So it is better that you read all points before you start process of activating internet banking using ICICI credit card details.

In this article you learn process for net banking of ICICI credit card, first time registration and generate password for ICICI net banking.

Steps to activate internet banking for credit card

If you have credit card and wish to start internet banking then above stated process will not be applicable. It is so because you follow different steps to start internet banking. So you keep reading below steps to know how to activate ICICI internet banking for ICICI credit card holders.

How to log in to ICICI net banking account

  • Firstly you call customer care service of internet banking
  • Second you select language and ‘option 2’ for ICICI credit card
  • Third you enter 16 digit credit card number
  • You also should enter 4 digit PIN number
  • Then you can check balance in your credit card
  • Finally you verify yourself
  • Third you select option 1 for ‘self banking’ so that you get user ID


You select option 1 to know your account user ID while there is option to reset user ID. And for resetting user ID you should select ‘option 3’ only.

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Process to generate password for ICICI credit card holders for internet banking

Below you find official link and you can check complete process for creating or generating password when you have one ICICI credit card. However this is applicable only when you wish to use internet banking facilities that ICICI bank offers.

Generate ICICI net banking password online

  • In order to generate password online you enter user ID and mobile number
  • This mobile number should only be registered mobile number
  • It is so because you receive one number to your email ID and mobile phone number
  • In addition you enter this unique number in field provided
  • You then generate new password for your ICICI net banking account

Thus in this simple way you activate your ICICI net banking for ICICI credit card holders. Finally you should remember to follow all rules because it may be difficult for you later to start net banking.

Benefits of using internet banking for ICICI bank

There are basically many features or benefits of using internet banking if you have credit card from bank of ICICI. Some of these advantages of internet banking are given below. You can keep reading to know more about them here –

  • Pay all your utility bills
  • Check how much balance is there in your account
  • Recharge your pre – paid mobile
  • Check all unbilled statements
  • You can also view past statements of your account and many other things. But to use all these facilities you must have one credit card of ICICI bank.

Apart from this you can learn more about how to activate ICICI bank net banking when you have account of ICICI bank.

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