SWIFT codes are very important. As they help you to transfer money internationally. Therefore SWIFT code finder helps you to find SWIFT code of different forms. And this is very useful in international money transfer. You can keep reading to know more about SWIFT code checker.

What is SWIFT code full form?

SWIFT code full form is Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It is also a network for financial institutions. Moreover because of SWIFT you can send or receive information on financial transactions. Besides it sends payment order. There are also BSR codes list that you must know.

Use of SWIFT code list

Actually financial and non-financial companies use this code. It is so because you use SWIFT code to transfer money. Thus you can transfer money between banks. Or you can even check international wire transfers.

In addition trading off messages between banks is possible. Hence this is one code that is very useful. You can also check SWIFT code of ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank SWIFT code etc. Further all banks have SWIFT codes.

Standards of SWIFT codes

SWIFT is very important specially in financial messages. Additionally SWIFT has Registration Authority for some ISO standards.

How does SWIFT code work?

SWIFT is responsible for maintaining SWIFT codes. Moreover SWIFT is a cooperative society. Earlier name was SWIFT code. However this changed to BIC. Here BIC full form is Business Identifier Codes. Finally both these words meaning is same.

Define BIC code

BIC means Business Identifier Code. Whereas SWIFT code means Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. On other hand it is alpha numeric. So you can say that it is mixture of alphabets and letters. You can also check branch of company. But this company must be in SWIFT system.

SWIFT code finder working strategy

When you wish to transfer money internationally. Then bank account number of recipient is necessary. You will also need BIC code of bank. Thus for some transaction to complete you require both these things.

Format of SWIFT code

There are 8 to 11 characters in SWIFT code or BIC code. Plus there is standard format of SWIFT code. Moreover International Organisation for Standardization. In other words it is ISO.

Example for SWIFT code: ABCDEF00GHI

In SWIFT code first four letters indicate organisations. Next two letters are country code. It is country where bank is there. In addition next two letters are location code. Finally last three characters are branch code.

Therefor this SWIFT code checker helps you a lot. As you know what SWIFT code means. Even SWIFT code of Kotak Mahindra Bank is easy to find. You can know SWIFT code SBI bank, SWIFT code of Bank of Baroda and SWIFT code of Union Bank of India. Even idea of SWIFT code of Axis Bank is there. Finally you can check other banks SWIFT code also.