Tata Consultancy Services Limited Dividend History

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TCS is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization. And that delivers real results to global business. Therefore TCS offer consult led, included portfolio of IT and IT -services. But see dividend history-payout amount. Hence, check latest dividend announcements by TCS in last 10 years.

Brief about TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is large software company in India. And it is most valuable company with market cap of Rs.4.88 lakh crore. Therefore TCS came out with an initial public offer (IPO) in August 2004. Since, then they are offering 1:1 bonus. Check upcoming ex-dividend dates for next month.

TCS is well-known in 1968 as Tata Sons Limited. Because, TCS is corporatized into separate company with effect from 1st April 2004. TCS has strong potential revenue. And it ensure continue dividend payment on time. Therefore TCS has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Further it strengthens and improves working style of customer. In terms of Brand recognition TCS has made name for itself in India. But as on today TCS is most valued company in terms of Market capitalization in Indian stock market. And it is listed on NSE and BSE on August 25, 2004.

However, stock price has increased to Rs 2500in 10 years. But company has domain expertise in comprising banking & financial services. In addition, like Insurance, Telecom, Transportation, Media & Entertainment and others. Moreover, TCS operates in all five continents.

Dividend Payment details

TCS has been returning cash to shareholders continues from time of listing. And every quarter company giving final, interim and special dividend at year end. Hence, to know more about dividend check TCS dividend 2017 record date.

TCS dividend payment history

Dividend is percentage of profit paid to shareholder. But if company makes Rs 10 laksh profit. And decided to give back 60% to investors as dividend is Rs 6 Lakhs. If you own 10% of company then you will get 10% of Rs 6 lakhs is Rs 60k.

Therefore good company is expected to increase its profits. Hence it is expected that your dividend will increase over period of time. Further average yearly dividend growth has 50%. For better understand list of unclaimed dividend TCS.

TCS dividend History

In last 10 years TCS has increased its dividend per share at growth rate of 19.32% per annum. But from 5 year TCS is increase its dividend growth rate of 41.35% per annum. So in 3 years TCS has increased its dividend per share at growth rate of 53% per annum. Moreover, TCS distributed Rs.15, 473 crore dividend in March 2015 year end. And also company reported an dividend Rs.79 per share.

However, TCS distributed Rs 6,267 Crore dividend for financial year ending in March’2014. Probably, TCS reported as Dividend Rs 32 per share. In March’2013 TCS has given dividend of Rs 4,305 Crore. TCS reported as Dividend per share of Rs 22.

As per above, TCS has shown continues dividend payout in last 10 Years. But on an average it has paid 41% of its net income as dividend to its shareholders. Therefore it has paid 57% of its cash from operations as dividend to its shareholders. And in same period it paid annual dividend per share of Rs 79. However, its net cash flow increased by 12.2% between Mar15 and Mar 14.

Hence, dividend growth rate is maintaining almost same pace as operating cash flow growth rate. As per above, based on dividend in FY 2014-15 TCS dividend yield is close to 3.29% per annum. You can also see TCS final dividend 2017.

Dividend Coverage and payout ratio of TCS

TCS is expect to report EPS of Rs 116 in March 2016 financial year.  Probably, expected dividend payout in March 2016 for TCS will close to 75%. In this case, dividend per share will be Rs 87 per share. If current market price Rs 2400 per share then dividend yield of TCS will be close to 3.6%.

From last 10 years average dividend coverage ratio of TCS is 2.78. But TCS dividend coverage ratio is 1.24 and dividend payout ratio is 80% in last year March 2015. Hence, based on last 5 year data TCS has 21.42% revenue growth rate.

TCS financial Statement Analysis

You can establish this by analyzing TCS revenue sources and historical growth rates. But it is true that this IT service provider has seen tremendous revenue growth rate. In addition, like EPS growth rate, free cash flow growth rate and book value growth rate. Hence, you can also see dividend summary.

However, based on last 10 year data TCS has revenue growth rate of 21.47%. In addition, an EPS growth rate of 5.88% and 0.71% book value growth rate. Moreover, in last 10 years high free cash flow has enabled to pay dividend to its investors without any stoppages. Find below list of TCS dividend history from 2010 to 17.

Announcement Date Ex Dividend Date Dividend (%) Dividend Type
18-Apr-17 13-Jun-17 2750 Final
12-Jan-17 23-Jan-17 650 Interim 3
13-Oct-16 24-Oct-16 650 Interim 2
14-Jul-16 25-Jul-16 650 Interim
18-Apr-16 6-Jun-16 2700 Final
12-Jan-16 21-Jan-16 550 Interim 3
13-Oct-15 23-Oct-15 550 Interim 2
9-Jul-15 20-Jul-15 550 Interim
16-Apr-15 5-Jun-15 2400 Final
15-Jan-15 27-Jan-15 500 Interim 3
16-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 500 Interim 2
17-Jul-14 28-Jul-14 500 Interim
17-Jul-14 28-Jul-14 4000 Special
16-Apr-14 6-Jun-14 2000 Final
16-Jan-14 27-Jan-14 400 Interim 3
15-Oct-13 25-Oct-13 400 Interim 2
18-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 400 Interim
17-Apr-13 6-Jun-13 1300 Final
14-Jan-13 23-Jan-13 300 Interim 3
19-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 300 Interim 2
12-Jul-12 23-Jul-12 300 Interim
23-Apr-12 7-Jun-12 800 Final
23-Apr-12 7-Jun-12 800 Special
17-Jan-12 25-Jan-12 300 Interim 3
15-Jul-11 28-Nov-11 300 Interim 1
17-Oct-11 25-Oct-11 300 Interim 2
14-Jul-11 28-Jul-11 300 Interim
21-Apr-11 8-Jun-11 800 Final
17-Jan-11 27-Jan-11 200 Interim 3
21-Oct-10 1-Nov-10 200 Interim 2

Finally, see TCS dividend payment history analysis. However, select good company one with strong management and growing sector. Check out record date and ex bonus date. And also view TCS final dividend 2016.

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