Top 10 best stocks to buy long term in India

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Long term investment in stock market always pays higher return. Therefore it is good idea to buy stocks for long term. However, it is not an easy task to identify best stocks for long term investment. But you need to carry out research. You can see 7 Best stocks Consistent returns for last 5 years. Hence, check sector wise report for long term investment.

10 best stock performances for long term investment

Stock market has regained some strength. Due to surprise growth of 7% in third quarter GDP data has given. But on premium valuation may influence to take cautious approach. However, market is providing opportunity in beaten down sectors. Like IT & pharma sectors. And also view best dividend paying stocks for the long term.

Further which are available at cheap value compared to historical parameters. And evaluate various parameters of stock. Such as past performance and earnings growth. In addition, like dividend, market cap, future earning potential etc. Hence, see High Yielding Dividend Stocks to Buy in India.

However, GST scheduled for July is positive outcome. And organized players will benefit in uniform tax rate. Even at this premium valuation market is giving perpetual opportunity for long term investment. But these stocks are selected based on multiple factors. Such as future earning and past performance. So find below 10 best stocks you can buy for long term.

Eicher Motors stocks

Eicher Motors is best stock for long term investment. And is one of best company in automobile sector of India. Therefore Eicher motors are in multiple businesses. Such as motorbike, commercial vehicle etc. See dividend history of Eicher Motors.

And this stock is continues performing stock. Since few years this stock is performing in market.  Therefore CAGR of this stock in last five years is 72.5%. Moreover, Royal Enfield motorcycle is most popular product of Eicher Motors. See Eicher share price history graph.

Why Eicher Motors is good for long term investment

Eicher motors are doing new improvement constantly. But it modify product as per public demand. Therefore compare to an earlier version Royal Enfield bullet looks attractive and stylish. And product demand is increase. Hence, check list of best stock in automotive sector.

Past performance

As per above Eicher motors is consistent performer stock. Because, this stock is gives continuous good returns. And you can expect better return in future. Check past performance of Eicher motors and automobile sector performance. Hence, to know more details check top 10 best stock in automobile sector.

Financial performance

You can look at Eicher motors balance sheet. It is clearly shows profit and revenue margin of company is increasing. And in last 5 years profit and revenue has nearly doubled. For better understand see Eicher Motors company overview.



Aurobindo Pharma is second pharma stock recommended. Probably, Aurbindo Pharma is leading Indian pharma drug manufacturing company. Therefore Aurobindo Pharma is always developing new products. In 2017 company is planning to launch 27 different products. And it generates huge cash flows.

For long term investment Aurobindo Pharma is good why

Past performance

However, stock has generated wonderful returns in past few years. And this stock is available at just Rs.100 in 2011. But today it is trading at Rs.815. Since 2011 stock has increased 715% times. Therefore in last five years CAGR of this stock is 52.1%. See 5 Best Pharma Stocks for long term investment. See dividend history of Aurobindo Pharma.

Strong Balance Sheet

Aurbindo Pharma company balance sheet is very strong. Because, company profit margin has tripled. And revenue has doubled in past five years. However, for long term perspective it is good to invest in Aurobindo Pharma stock. Moreover, company with 27 years experience in market. To develop manufactures these products in over 125 countries.


Lupin Company is in third place for long term investment. And Lupin is leading pharma Sector Company in India. But, it deals in various types of drugs and pharmaceutical products. Therefore Lupin is also one of favorite stock. You can buy lupin stock for long term. It is one of well managed pharma company in India. Hence, fundamental of stock is good.

However, stock always rewarded as long term. Probably, stock shown good run up since 6 years due to some profit booking. See good stock for long term investment. For more details you can view Lupin company profile.

For long term investment lupin stock is good

Global presence and product range

Lupin has global presence and long product pipeline in US. And this company spends lot of money on research and development. And it also expanded product range. Therefore lupin is dealing in number of monopoly products. Hence, check Lupin share price forecast.

Past performance

Lupin stock past performance is very good. Moreover, this stock has grown by 272% since 2011. In addition, stock price is in 400 ranges in 2011 and today stock is trading at Rs 1600.

Other positives

You can invest in Lupin for long term. Because, company has good working capital management. And company is in high growth rate and debt free balance sheet.

Indusind bank

In India Indusind bank is one of leading private bank sector. Therefore diversify always helps to reduce risk. Moreover, past performance of Indusind bank is very good. And this stock has given good returns. In 2011 stock was trading at Rs 275 per share. But now today it is available at Rs 1547. In last five years stock has increased by 250%.

Therefore Indusind bank financial performance is extremely good. And company net profit has tripled in last 5 years. Moreover, EPS of share is growing constantly. In addition, return on equity is also maintained. Hence, these positive factors attract to invest in this stock. You can invest in Indusind bank for long term.

HCL Technologies Ltd

HCL tech is one of leading IT service Provider Company.  And it deals in IT service, BPO, application development and technology distribution. Probably, HCL tech is continuously generating positive returns. Moreover, HCL tech is available at Rs.270 in 2011. But today it is trading at Rs. 851.

However, this stock has increased by 200%. Therefore financial performance of HCL tech is improving. But in last 3 to 4 years profit margin has increase tripled. You can see good return on equity of HCL. Hence, you can invest in HCL for long term. Check HCL Technologies Ltd share price history and also see dividend performance.

Asian Paints

Asian Paints deals in paints, varnishes and synthetic resins. Therefore company also produces special type of chemical and products. And it is holding major share in domestic color market. You can invest in Asian paints for long term.  You can also see dividend history of Asian Paints. (

Probably, this stock will get benefited from upcoming infrastructure and projects. Due to good monsoon will increase rural income and it will push up sale. Since few years this stock is performing well. But this stock is available at Rs 250 in 2011. And today you find stock trading at Rs 1128. Moreover, in short span of time this stock has increased by 220%.

Ultra Tech Cement

In Cement sector Ultra tech is next stock for long term investment. Because, this is leading cement manufacture in India. And Ultra Tech is also one of largest cement exporters. Therefore it is part of Aditya Birla Group. But demand of cement will increase as major infrastructure projects.

Ultra Tech cement is extremely good in past performance. But this stock is able to generate very good returns for you. And it is expected that this stock will continue go up.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

In India BPCL is state controlled oil and Gas Company. It operates two largest refineries of India. And BPCL is in to exploration, production and retailing of petrol. In addition to this, it also offers range of automotive engine, gear oil, transmission oil etc.

However, BPCL will be investing Rs 1 trillion for expansion between 2016-21. But investment is increase refining capacity and expanding city gas distribution. And this business expansion will positively impact on revenue of BPCL. Therefore past performance of BPCL is very good.

Similarly, in 2011 stock is traded at price of Rs.300. And today it is trading at Rs. 665In last five years stock has increased by 200%.

Hindustan Unilever Limited

HUL is leading FMC Product Company of India. Probably, HUL is dealing in personal care products. Like food, cleaning, beverages etc. HUL is market leader with good product presence in multiple categories. Moreover, HUL is continuously performing better since couple of years.

Similarly, stock price is Rs 280 in 2011. And today it is available at Rs.1096. But in last five years stock has increased by 200%.  CAGR return in past 5 years is 24%. Hence, financial performance of HUL is constantly improved. Moreover, profit and revenue margin of stock has also increase.

Sun Pharma

In pharmaceutical sector sun pharma is one of best company. Sun pharma is manufacture of drugs for diabetes, cardiology, neurology etc. But after Ranbaxy Sun Pharma has become 5th largest pharmaceutical company in world. Due to Ranbaxy has given major boost to Sun Pharma. So income level of Sun Pharma has decent growth in future.

In addition to this, past performance of this stock is very good. But in 2011 stock price is at Rs 200. And today it is trading at Rs 560. In last five years stock has grown by 260%. Hence, it is advice to invest in this stock for long term. See Sun Pharma share price history.

Finally, you invest in stock market for long term. However, see Top 10 High Dividend Paying Companies in India. Therefore see latest list of top 10 stocks to invest right now in India. Moreover, check top 10 stocks having secular growth stories. Hence, read best mid cap stocks to buy for long term.

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