Top 10 Best stocks to buy in India

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When you buy stock you will always be part owner of company. But value of your investment will depend on health of company. You can ensure maximum return at minimum risk. And see 10 stocks that can double in next two years.  See best small cap stocks to buy. So, these stocks benefit either from government policy or from economy. Hence, also read Top 10 High dividend paying companies in India.

List of 10 best stocks to buy

Most of these stocks are from large cap companies. And stocks change with market price fluctuations. In addition, company results also change from quarter to quarter. However, company development will also reflect in its financial statements. Therefore, any change in quarterly and market price also reflects list of best stocks.


L&T share give potential return of 119% from two years. And it currently is trading at Rs 1400 levels.  But stock price moved in range of Rs 1242 to Rs 1893 over last one year.  Due to government commitment to energy and road. It will help higher revenue growth of company in next year.

Network 15 India

Company will play media  with interest in television, internet, print and film content. And it leads to yield of 195% for next two years. Because, it is expected to jump from its current price of Rs 36 to Rs 150. Moreover, Network 18 India stock has already jumped 65% last year. It will be most picked stocks to invest.

IRB Infra

IRB infra expects 173.4% yield in next two years with target price of Rs.680. But currently stock is Rs 230 levels. And these increases in share price due to company benefit to develop infrastructure in India. Therefore IRB Infra company revenue increase in construction and projects for quarter end.

Similarly, overall company profits are high. Probably, National Highway Authority also has more gains in tax rates up to March 2015. Hence, check stock quote of IRB Infra.


TCS share will be more than twice as Rs 5,100 by December 2017. And TCS current price is Rs 2430. Because, company has continues average growth of industry. But in 2015 it grew by 15 %. Moreover, company also intends to expand new markets. Hence, TCS share is one of best stock to invest. Check TCS dividend history.

PTC India Financial LTD

PTC India financial is from financial service sector. And it operates in solar and wind energy sector. But over period of two year company can give 151.7% yield. Because, it currently trading on Rs 43. Therefore target price will go up to Rs 144 till December 2017.

Tata Motors DVR

Tata motor is expecting to 151.5% yield during two years. Therefore it is currently trading at Rs 340. And stock is in range of Rs 221 to Rs 391 last year. Hence, company will benefit in next three years. Check Top 10 High Dividend Paying Companies in India.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is leading automobile company. In next two years company stock price jump almost 105%. Therefore Maruti shares are currently traded at Rs 5,800.

Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables is manufacturing Cable Company. And it expects 25% growth in sales during March 2015. It is currently trading at Rs 430 and is expected to reach Rs 650 by December 2017. Therefore new plant set up may add in company turnover.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank shares is leading private bank. But you can expect double share price to Rs 1210 by December 2017. Since, July 2014 stock has risen by 32%. Therefore Axis Bank can benefit by increasing projects and development activity.


SBI is the largest public bank in India. But it provides 111.8% return in two years. And stock price rise to Rs 580 by December 2017. Now current price is Rs 260.

Finally, for any investment decision you can contact certified investment advisor. Check Best large cap stocks to buy now. However, this is just information on these stocks, not a buy or sells recommendation. See List of Large cap stocks in NSE.

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