Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds to invest in 2017

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Large cap mutual funds are considered to be one of safer investments in equities. They have good returns and are less volatile when market fluctuates compared to other equity funds. Like mid and small cap funds. Equity investing has its rewards as well as there are various risks too. Hence, see top 5 large cap mutual funds 2017.

 Performance of Large Cap Mutual Funds

You need to invest in large-caps even though share price of blue chip companies is high. Choosing top large cap fund or best large cap mutual funds is an important task. Looking at various factors and by doing enough research you can choose funds to invest. You can see below benefits of investing in large cap mutual funds. Finally, check list of top 10 best large cap funds to invest in 2017.

Kotak Select Focus Fund

Kotak Focus Fund is one of best large cap funds. Since it give annual return of 21.89% p.a. in last 5 years and 15.5% p.a. Generally, it focuses on few selected sectors. Hence, check Advantages and disadvantages of Mutual funds

Kotak Opportunities Fund

Fund Performance of Kotak Opportunities Fund is best large cap funds. And it gave an annual return of 19.79% p.a. in last 5 years and 20.6% p.a.

Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund

Therefore expense ratio is 2.10 percent. Since fund has deliver 21.86 percent return per annum. And fund has an AUM size of Rs. 13,848 crore. Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund has been close to unbeatable in last ten years. And it is beating both its benchmark and category average.

In past year, fund has invested between 82 and 90 percent in large caps with 10 to 20 percent mid-cap allocation. It is open-ended growth scheme with aim of long-term growth of capital. And with target allocation of 100 equities are diversify across various industries. But sectors is chosen benchmark index, S&P BSE 200.

DSP Black Rock Opportunities Fund

Scheme secondary objective is to generate income and dividend distribution. It gave an annual return of 20.98% p.a. in 5 years and 19.2% p.a.

Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund

An open-ended growth scheme is to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation. But diversify portfolio of equity-related securities of top 100 companies as measure by market capitalization. Hence, it gave an annual return of 15.4% p.a. and in 5 years 18.85% p.a.

SBi Blue chip Fund

And fund has returned 10.59 % per annum.  Therefore fund has an AUM (Assets under Management) size of Rs.9, 735 crore. Expense ratio is 1.98 percent. It is growth-oriented fund that focuses on companies that are geared for optimum capital allocation.

You will give chance for long-term growth in capital. But an active management to diversify equity stocks whose market capitalization is at least equal or more than. The fund invests up to 80 percent of its assets in large cap stocks.

DSP Blackrock Focus 25

However, Scheme will normally hold equity include equity derivatives. But portfolio will have consisted of large companies. Thus portfolio has limit exposure beyond top 200 companies by market capitalization.  It gave an annual return of 17.35% p.a. in last 5 years

ICICI Pru Nifty Next 50 Index Fund

Fund objective is to invest in companies whose securities are including in NIFTY Junior Index. And Fund intends to track only 90-95 of Index. It will always keep cash balance between 5-10 of Net Asset to meet redemption and other liquidity requirements. However, when liquidity in Index improves fund intends to track up to 100 of Index. Since it gave return of 20.76% p.a. in last 5 year and 13.1% p.a.

L&T Equity Fund

L&T Equity Fund is large cap funds. And, it show annual return of 16.90% p.a. in 5 years and 18.2% p.a. Hence, to more details view List of Large Cap Mutual Fund

Reliance Top 200 Fund

Secondary objective is to generate consistent returns by investing in debt and money market securities. But in 5 years it show 18.03% annual return and 11.03 % per annum.

Finally, check top 10 large cap mutual funds. Moreover, to know details difference between large cap and mid cap. And you can see performance of large cap mutual fund. Hence, see top 10 equity mutual funds for SIP. But for better understand see best mid cap mutual funds.

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