Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies of India

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Oil and Gas sector is open to attract private investment. And also increase domestic production. Therefore India is sixth largest user of oil in world. But also ninth largest crude oil importer. See performance of companies. Because, India’s oil and gas sector contribute over 15% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). You can check List of Petrol, Oil, and Gas Products Companies.

List of Oil and Gas companies of India

However, in India Oil and Gas has huge demand. It imports more than 60% of its crude oil requirement. And Government has taken many initiatives to boost investment in this sector. But 100% FDI is allows for Indian companies in refinery sector. Also 100% FDI is allows for petroleum products and pipeline sector. You can find below list of Oil and Gas top companies in India.

Bharat petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)

BPCL is an Indian Oil and Gas company. Therefore corporation operates two large refinery of country. It is locates at Mumbai and Kochi.  And its product contains Natural Gas, Petroleum and other Petrochemicals. But it is one of top Oil and Gas companies in India. BPCL has ranked 358th in fortune global 500 list. It is world biggest corporations.

Essar Oil Limited

Essar Oil is leading oil and gas companies in India. And it is part of Essar Group. But it headquarter is in Mumbai. Therefore company is occupied in production and exploration of natural gas. In addition, like oil, refinery of crude oil and marketing of petroleum products.

However, it operates major refinery in Vadinar, Gujarat.  And it made second largest non-state refiner in 2009. In July 2009, Essar get 50% stake in Kenya petroleum Refineries LTD. Hence, see list of Oil and gas sector list in NSE and BSE

Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)

Gas Authority of India Limited was built in year 1984. It is headquarter in New Delhi. And it contains natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, and petrochemical. Therefore, GAIL is largest natural gas and Distribution Company.

Further, GAIL has been award with Mahartna status on 1 Feb 2013 by government. Moreover, only six other public sector projects enjoy this changed status.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)

HPCL is an Indian state owned oil and natural gas company. And headquarter is at Mumbai. It awarded with Navratna status. But company is grade 367th on Fortune Global 500. Therefore in India it has 25% market share. Hence, it is public sector companies. However, government owns 51.11% shares in HPCL. And it spread among financial institutes.

Indian Oil Corporation

In 1959 Indian Oil Corporation was well-known. Therefore it offers fuel, lubricants, petrochemical product. And it is India largest profit-making company. But it is Indian state owned oil and Gas Corporation. It headquarters is in New Delhi. In addition, it is 88th world best corporations according to fortune global 500 list.

However, in India it is large public firm grade by revenue. Moreover, it operate main network of fuel stations in country.  But it also started Auto LPG dispensing stations.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited is an Indian multinational oil and gas company. And headquarter is locates in Dehradun. It is largest Asia-based oil and gas exploration and production companies. It makes around 72% of India Crude Oil and about 48% of its natural gas. Hence, see ONGC dividend history (

Therefore ONGC is found on 14 Aug 1956 by Indian state. But currently holds 69.23% equity stake. Due to this, it involve in exploring in 26 sedimentary of India. In addition, it owns and operates over 11,000 kilometers of pipelines in country. And also check Oil and Natural Gas Corporation share price.

Oil India Limited (OIL)

Oil India Limited (OIL) is second largest hydrocarbon exploration & production in Indian Public Sector Company. Probably, Oil India Limited was founded in year 1959. And headquarter is in Duliajan, Assam. However, Company Corporate office located in Noida in New-Delhi-NCR region.

Moreover, Oil is engage in business to develop and making of crude oil. In addition, like natural gas, transport of crude oil and making of liquid petroleum gas.

Reliance Petroleum Limited

However, Reliance Petroleum Limited was set up by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). And in India RPL is large private sector companies based in Ahmadabad. Currently, Reliance Petroleum Limited is subsidiary of RIL. But it has interests in downstream oil business. Hence, see Reliance Petroleum Limited share price future.

Furthermore, it holds 5% equity stake in Company. Hence, Reliance Petroleum limited found in year 2008. And you can see Reliance Petroleum Limited share price history.

Tata Petro dyne Ltd (TPL)

Tata Petro dyne Ltd is help by Tata Industries Ltd. And it engages in exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Therefore TPL is 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd. Since 1994 Tata Petro dyne participates in various bidding conducted by Government of India. All projects are secure. It performs in strategic alliances with both foreign & domestic oil companies.

TPL incorporated in 1993. And company headquarters is in Mumbai. Company subsidiary is place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their portfolios include interest in exploration and production blocks in India. Hence, see Tata Petrodyne Ltd share price. Therefore check Tata Petrodyne Limited annual report.

Finally, check List of Refineries Companies in India. However, company looks at nature of oil & gas business. Therefore company has to focus in large investment. Moreover, check Oil & Gas sector results. And also see Oil & gas industry profile.

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