Use of Artificial Intelligence Modules in AdHive

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Ads are the answer to improving sales for any product. True to its word, but with passing time, it is becoming very difficult to maintain pace and lead the pack. As a result, an individual has to switch over to advanced forms of advertising if they wish to stay in the market. Keeping this view in mind, AdHive built itself on a platform that it works for the present and is pretty well equipped to brace the future.

Use of the Artificial Intelligence Modules

Comprehending use of AI modules or the Artificial Intelligence module is necessary because these form the basis of something of a greater fact. Below we have listed out the aspects of this platform where AdHive stands tall.

Important Things to Know about AdHive platform

~ AdHive is a web service.

~ It comes together with the AI modules.

~ But this amalgamation is only for the Video and the Speech Recognition apart from the Trigger Detection.

~ Monitoring of channels is necessary and this will be taken care of.

~ Sending triggers is also a common sight as this helps in keeping a track on the ads.

~ For further assistance, modules have been given the task of controlling all the placement of ads.

~ Modules must control advertisement on all the channels of the influencer profile because such a step is necessary for rest of the processes to fall in to place.

Above stated steps provide assistance in continuing the process as AdHive aims to make the whole process easier than before. On the other hand, as an advertiser, it is mandatory for you to give a clear picture of how things will be when it is all about the advertisements.

Work of Moderators in the Advertisement Campaign

Moderators play quite a vital role to as far as the ads are concerned. It is so because moderators who work with AdHive are responsible for not only checking the task but also confirming it. Moreover, it is only after these things that commenting on the tasks is possible.

At a point of time when the moderators feel that the task can be worked upon then they transfer the same to the AdHive content managers. Another step here is to be taken care of is that all the tasks have to be paid for before the transfer takes place. Finally, due to such a set – up, working of AdHive is simple as well as user friendly.

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