What is Health Insurance?

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Health Insurance is insurance policy. You get cashless treatment or expense reimbursement in case you fall Ill. It is contract between general insurance companies. And it considers expenses incurred when availing treatment. But insurance company will pay for your treatment. If medical condition is cover by your policy. Thus choose best health insurance for self and your family members. See List of Health insurance plans. Check top 5 health insurance companies.

Importance of Health Insurance

It is importance to have insurance in India. You must buy good health plan that includes medical outlay. Like Hospitalization costs, medication and laboratory test cost include critical illness. As it say Health is wealth. See Factors That Determine premium rates for Life Insurance Policy

You must prepare to manage such situation in life. So do not get confuse which health policy to buy? Does this consider everything? What illnesses are exclude from this cover? Here, all such confusions will resolve.

Also, you have to compare health insurance policies from top health insurers. Let us know your basic need. And you will find best suited health insurance quotes. Then you can compare health insurance policies side by side. Based on parameters like health insurance cost, riders etc.

Treatment cost is getting too expensive. Health insurance prevents medical emergency from turn into financial emergency. It makes sure that health care needs to take care without reduce ones savings and compromise on future goals.

So health insurance policies include regular health check-ups. Such as cashless services, pre and post hospitalization expense, reimbursement etc.

You can save taxes under Section 80 D of Income Tax Act 1961 under health insurance policies. But premiums paid towards policy reduce your annual tax liability. And reduce your tax earning per year.

Types of Health Insurance Policies

You need security of health of oneself as well as of family. With increasing cost of healthcare in India. Health insurance has become almost mandatory for everyone. Health Insurance makes sure not only health security. But also hassle free claim resolution.

Today, people have different choices when it comes to buy health insurance. There are various plans available in India. Below some main types of policies are explain.

Individual Health Insurance

This health insurance policy considers several illnesses. It offer advantages like cashless hospitalization and various add on. Under this policy, each insures member is entitle to receive entire amount.

Family Health Plan

With this health insurance policy. You can include all your family members against many diseases under single cover. Mediclaim offers fixed assure amount for family members. That can be avail lump sum for person treatment.

Family benefit means that sum as specify for proposer under policy. It is available for any one or all family members for more claims in policy tenure. Thus family mediclaim plans at margin increment expense.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

This Health insurance plan is for anyone with above 60 years age. It protect from health issues during old age. According to IRDAI, every firm must include up to 65 years age.

Surgery & Critical illness plan

This is standalone policy for various critical illness. Such as kidney failure, paralysis, heart attack, cancer. As pills of such illness are expensive so imbursement is also very high. You can check Types of Insurance

Critical illness is serious terminal disease is define by provider. Most critical illness policies provide lump-sum benefit. If insured is diagnose with one or number of specified terminal conditions.

Maternity Health Insurance

Health insurance companies today cover more costs. It includes both pre and post care, child delivery. Which sometime lead to vaccination of newborn babies. This insurance covers newborn baby up to validity of this insurance policy. It also covers transport fee for Mom to be nearest network hospital choice.

Personal Accident Cover

These personal accident plans are provide as riders to health insurance plans. It considers hospitalization and bear medical outlay in an accident. These are issue as fixed benefit policies. Where sum are pay on unforeseen events such as accidents. Such as death or disability of person. But payout is not related to expenditure.

Finally, see best health insurance plans in India. And check health insurance plans for family.  You can check best health insurance company. For more details see health insurance for senior citizens. Thus see Benefits of health insurance policy.

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