Yes Bank customer care 24 X 7 helpline number email ID

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Yes Bank customer care number would be of great help to you whenever you face any trouble related to Yes bank while YES Bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India and it is at the fifth position. It was in 2004 that Rana Kapoor along with Ashok Kapur founded Yes bank. In case you wish to contact Yes bank for clarification then you can call Yes bank 24 X 7 toll free number or YES Bank customer care email address or send SMS to YES Bank.

YES Bank customer care email address

Yes bank provides both toll free help line phone number and customer care email ID so that you can contact them whenever necessary. You can get in touch with Yes bank customer care for complaints or 24 * 7 assistance, also sending feed – backs or queries will now be possible.

Yes bank branch locator contact centre

Apart from above things there is YES bank branch locator contact centre where your problems will be solved. You can also contact YES Bank authorities via SMS, email or toll free number. Below you find all details regarding toll free credit card customer care contact number also.

YES Bank toll free contact numbers in India

For any queries or questions related to YES account of yours you can directly dial following numbers because these phone numbers connect you to official YES Bank account related department; as a result you may call any one of the below given phone numbers and you remember that one of them is toll free number.

You use these phone contact numbers only when you are calling from India as there are different Yes customer care help line phone numbers when calling from outside India.

YES Bank help line phone numbers

  • 18 00 20 00 (it is toll free YES Bank account help line number) or you may use below given number also
  • + 91 22 61 21 90 00

YES Bank email customer care address

You can send emails about your queries to following official YES Bank email ID and this facility is available throughout the day as well as the year. And this YES Bank customer care contact email address is

YES Bank SMS contact number

In case you wish to send SMS for help from YES Bank employees then you will have to send an SMS to official phone number and this Yes customer care contact phone number is +91 922 33 90 909.

So you send an SMS in following manner “SMS ‘HELP’ space <CUST ID> to +91 92 233 909 09”.

Help line phone number of YES Bank when calling from outside India

When you wish to contact YES Bank branch from outside India then you can do so easily. It is so because from now YES Bank provides facility for you to speak to one of the Yes customer care executives from outside India only.

Below given are help line phone numbers of YES Bank branches outside India. Please note below that there are different YES Bank help line numbers of customer care for USA, UK, UAE or other parts of the world.

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YES Bank help line account numbers outside India

  • YES Bank customer care help line number is + 91 22 30 99 36 00 (when you are calling from other states outside India)
  • Canada or USA customer care phone number – 18 77 65 98 044 (you use this phone number when you call either from USA or Canada)
  • UAE YES Bank help line – 80 00 35 70 3 089 (this number is useful when you are calling from UAE)
  • 80 81 78 51 33 (finally you use this number when calling from UK as this is YES Bank UK customer care help line)

YES Bank credit cards customer care 24 X 7 help line numbers

In case of credit cards of YES Bank queries you may contact below given phone numbers. Here one of the number is toll free which you use when calling from India and there is a different help line number of YES Bank credit card when calling from outside India.

YES Bank credit cards customer help line care number 24 / 7

  • 18 00 10 312 12 (it is a toll free help line number for mobile as well as when you call from landlines in India)
  • But when you call from outside of India you use another bank help line phone number and it is + 91 22 49 35 00 00

YES Bank credit cards customer care help line email ID

On other hand there is option for you to contact YES Bank credit cards services help line through emails and for this you have to send emails only to official email ID of YES Bank.

Therefore this email ID is and you remember to add subject whenever you send emails to any person.

Now that you are aware of customer care email address of YES Bank and customer care toll free number of YES Bank branch it is easy for you to solve your questions. However idea of main branches of YES Bank will be advantage so you can continue reading to know more about them here.

Locate YES Bank branch

If you wish to locate YES Bank branch in India then you can click on following link – This link takes you to official website of YES Bank from where you can check ATMs or bank branches.

To help you further we listed out YES Bank corporate headquarters, northern regional office address below. There is email ID and YES Bank branch email ID, phone numbers also.

Corporate Headquarters of YES Bank

YES BANK Limited, Nehru Center, 9th floor, Discovery of India, Dr. A.b. Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018, India. Email ID –

Northern Regional Corporate Office of YES Bank

YES BANK Limited, 48, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021, India. Email ID –

YES Bank Abu Dhabi Representative Office

YES BANK Representative Office, 205, AL Ghaith Office Tower, Hamdan Street, P. O. Box 30848, Abu Dhabi, UAE, contact phone numbers are + 971 23 04 19 99 and + 97 12 304 19 00. Email address is

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